Monday, August 8, 2011

They Grew Last Year

I missed my weekend post.  Here goes a Monday post.

Last week was a fairly busy week for us.  Monday started with the kids’ 4 year old check-up visits with the pediatrician.  Their 4 year old stats are:

Lindy:  28.4 lbs  (4th percentile)
           35.5 inches tall (1st percentile)

Will:    27lbs (1st percentile)
           37 inches tall (1st percentile)

So Lindy is 1.5lbs heavier than Will but 1.5 inches shorter!  We knew she weighed more than him.  She definitely feels heavier.  Since her 3 year old check-up, Lindy grew 3.5 inches and gained 3.2lbs!  Although that’s great growth for her she is still little!  Will grew 2.25 inches but only gained 1.6lbs.  Good height but bad weight gain!  The doctor wasn’t concerned but she did say she’d like him to gain more weight.  I’m trying to get him to eat more.  The days of him eating a ton of food are over.  He eats a good breakfast and lunch but not much dinner anymore.  They have completely switched places.  Lindy eats so much better and so much more than Will does now.  She used to be the worse eater of the two and now she is the better eater of the two. 

We recapped all of Lindy’s specialist visits.  She said to keep Lindy on her allergy medicine all summer until probably the end of October.  She also upped the dose of her daily antibiotic (to prevent any UTI’s because of her kidney reflux) because she has grown so much.  She checked out Lindy’s rash that I had taken her to the doctor for in June but was still there.  She said to start the hydrocortisone again for a couple weeks and see what happens (and actually I think it is looking better now). 

We were surprised but the kids got shots at this visit.  Most people do the boosters for DTaP, Polio,  MMR, and chickenpox at 5 years old but you can actually do them anytime between 4-6.  Because Lindy is in the school system, she recommended going ahead and doing them at 4.  I figure it’s better to give shots at 4 than 5 anyway so we did them.  It was only 3 shots since the DTaP and Polio were in the same shot.  Neither liked it but both recovered very quickly and were very interested in getting prizes out of the machine with their tokens.  Lou has a bruise on one leg from one shot and  she actually had a 24 hour fever the next day but never acted like she felt bad.  Oh well, they are done! 

Tuesday we went swimming with Katie, Micah, Claire, and another friend of Katie’s, Jill.  Jill has a little girl who turned 4 two days before Lindy and Will’s birthday and then a little 18 month old son.  We met for a picnic lunch and then went swimming.  There was one other family there for the first hour or so.  Around 1pm the daycares and day camps started showing up so we headed out.  We had a good time though. 

Thursday was another day for appointments – this time dentist appointments for the kids.  If you remember, Lindy ralphed all over herself and me 6 months ago at the dentist when they put the fluoride on her teeth.  I was totally not prepared last time.  This time I brought Drew and blankets and we warned the dental hygienist.  We were going to be ready.  Lindy wanted nothing to do with this appointment.  I finally got her to sit on the chair but she wouldn’t lay down.  She started gagging and wouldn’t let them do anything.  We finally ended up in a private room – which we were thankful for.  I laid her down, covered her in blankets, and we held her down.  She did allow the hygienist to clean her teeth and scrap a little and check her teeth.  But it was over when she tried putting fluoride on her again.  She started gagging and ended up throwing up again.  Something about that fluoride makes her toss her cookies.  After that she laid down like a big girl, didn’t cry and let the dentist check her teeth. 

Will is a super champ at the dentist.  He doesn’t even need us around.  He lets them do everything and never fusses.  Thankfully both kids got great reports.  No cavities and she said no stains on their teeth.  Lindy has an overbite – but we knew that.  I’m sure it’ll lead to braces one day in the future. 

The kids and I started our weekend early by heading to Charlotte on Friday morning.  We met Drew’s Dad at Concord Mills a little after 10am and we shopped till we dropped!!  It was tax-free weekend in NC so it was a good time to get some school clothes for the kids.  Bob actually took the kids for an hour and let me shop by myself which was nice.  He took the kids on every moving ride at Concord Mills!  They rode the carousel ride twice, a train that goes around the mall, and some of those little cars you put money in and they move.  The kids had a blast!  We ate lunch and shopped some more before finally heading out.  Bob had all the shopping he could handle (almost 4 hours – a record for him) but the kids and I headed on to IKEA and met up with Katie, Micah, and Claire.  We shopped for a couple more hours and then headed to Bob’s house.  Ed and Jamie were there and Drew eventually got there and we all went out to eat. 

Saturday we hung around Bob’s house and Lynn came over for lunch.  Then we all got ready to go to Bob’s brother’s wedding.  Uncle Mike got married.  It was the shortest wedding we’ve ever been to – maybe lasting 5 minutes.  They had a nice reception with good food and some good line dancing music!  It’s always fun to see the family.

Yesterday we had no plans to do anything but the neighbors called to see if we wanted to come swim with them so we did after naptime.  Then we ended up going to a local park to hear the Winston-Salem Community Band play.  We listened to that and played on the playground and headed home. 

Blah, blah, blah……enough words….more pictures. 

Madras ChildrenDSC_1736DSC_1740She fell asleep on the way home from the doctor and stayed asleep when I laid her down.  She was laid out!DSC_1743Feeding her baby with her new high chair from her birthday!DSC_1767DSC_1768Another new birthday present that saw a lot of action this week.DSC_1773They rode their scooters inside all week long.  I finally tried the helmets on them. DSC_1779Lou did not want to take hers off!DSC_1781The kids slept together on a queen air mattress for the first time in forever.  They slept in a king in June at the mountains but it was so big they practically had their own beds!  They did well and didn’t play around.DSC_1784When I say forever I mean it’s been about this long since they last slept that close together!DSCF2466DSCF2469Riding the rides at Concord Mills with GrandBob.100_0073100_0074100_0077100_0083100_0084100_0089100_0098Dancing at the wedding reception.  They had fun dancing – actually they were mostly just running around.  Will did do the cha-cha slide almost perfectly though!DSC_1790DSC_1793DSC_1795DSC_1799DSC_1807The happy couple.  Mike and JoyDSC_1811DSC_1822Another happy couple!DSC_1824DSC_1825Two of my favorite girls!  Drew’s cousins, Kelsey and Abbey.  DSC_1831They love me.  See?!DSC_1830I was trying to get pictures before church and it didn’t go so well.DSC_1836DSC_1838It was a more of a Lindy take-down!DSC_1839Who knows!DSC_1843The best I got – even though Will has the fakest smile ever.DSC_1849My girl did look super cute though!DSC_1857DSC_1863


The Buckley Family said...

Cute pics! I haven't posted in awhile and need to catch up before baby comes but our kids are neck and neck in weight and height, ironic that they're so similar and have been since day 1. Comforting to know there's others going thru similar things!

And mine also got the 3 shots. If nothing changes they shouldn't get shots again until age 11 but the nurse said more than likely things will change and it won't be that long.

Jodi said...

Olivia mimics Will's size almost exactly. She is about 27 lbs and just over 3 feet tall. I felt so good when I read your post because I continue to be concerned about her weight. She just does not eat well at all and I'm constantly reminding her to take another bite. I'll know exactly what she weighs at her 4 year checkup in a few weeks. You have a beautiful family and I continue to be amazed at their progress. God Bless!!