Sunday, May 8, 2011

Swimming Lessons!

We got back to reality this week but we did have one new, exciting adventure.  The kids started swimming lessons!

The kids are going twice a week for the month of May and taking lessons at our local YMCA.  I had been talking it up so the kids were excited to go.  Will had been with me when I went a couple times to sign them up and he got to see the pool.

Will was a little apprehensive at first.  He asked me questions like, “Are you coming with us Mommy?”  “Will you hold my hand walking into the YMCA?”  We got in there on Tuesday and there were 8 little kids.  They ended up splitting them into two groups.  Will took it a little slow getting into the pool but once he was in he did great and loved it.  He is always just a little shy in new situations.  Lindy had no apprehensions at all!  They had to keep her out of the pool at first! 

They both had a blast.  The whole point is to just get them comfortable to being in the water and pool.  We’ve never had anywhere to swim but I don’t want them to be scared in the water. 

We went again on Thursday and this time it was just three kids and there were three instructors so they basically had a one-on-one lesson.  It was much calmer and quieter in there!

Will is a great listener and does what the teachers tell him to.  If they tell him to keep two hands on the wall then he does it.  Spaz, I mean Lindy, didn’t follow directions quite so well.  On Tuesday Drew had to remind her quite a few times to put both hands on the wall.  We obviously took her hearing aides off and it was really loud in the pool so I don’t think she could hear well.

As for the rest of the week, we had our normal music class on Wednesday.  We had to make buildings for music class so they could make a city.  We used cereal boxes and I covered them with that plain brown grocery bag paper and let the kids decorate them.  Will wanted his to be a grocery store and Lindy wanted a school.  Will drew ‘magic doors’, commonly known as the automatic door into most stores and then he drew a person walking into door.  It is the first person I’ve ever seen him draw.  I don’t know if he draws them at school but I’ve never seen one! 

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo by having dinner with some people that have been visiting our church.  We had a Mexican buffet which was very tasty.  It wouldn’t be a dinner out with Lindy if she didn’t throw up.  I wish I knew what was up with that child.  She only does it when we are eating out or at someone’s house.  All the stars align for her to throw up when we are not at home.  She eats too much and then never fails to gag on something.  This time it was a raisin in an oatmeal raisin cookie.  She always makes things interesting, that’s for sure!

Friday GrandBob came by in the late afternoon and stayed and bought us pizza for dinner.  The kids had fun playing hide and seek with GrandBob.

Saturday we went to a birthday party for a boy in our church.   The kids had a lot of fun playing on the swingset and with all the new toys.  Nicholas, the birthday boy, had a power car that looked kind of like a go cart.  Will was eyeing it all afternoon and we finally let him try it out.  By the time he got in it, the battery was starting to die and it wasn’t going very fast.  He had a blast driving it.  We had to help him steer a little bit but he loved it.  It was a two-seater so Will got to drive Lindy around.  Then Lindy of course wanted to try.  Except she couldn’t reach the pedal.  She ended up steering and Will was pushing the pedal.  I had bad visions of them sneaking out the house one day doing the same thing.  One pushing the pedal and one steering!

Will’s first man!DSC_8683DSC_8684Not too sure about these swimming lessons yet!DSC_8690DSC_8691Warming up with some kicking.DSC_8695In the water doing some kicking.DSC_8712DSC_8715DSC_8735DSC_8739I love this picture of the kids!DSC_8754DSC_8758DSC_8762Thursday night’s swim lesson.DSC_8809DSC_8817They were told to hold their finger up like a candle and to practice blowing out their candle.  Lindy has been practicing all week.DSC_8834DSC_8838Lindy attached herself to this boy and wouldn’t let go.  It was so funny.  I’m sure the kid had no clue what to do with her!DSC_8841Still holding on to her boy!DSC_8844Jumping off the side was one of their favorite parts of swim lessons.DSC_8868DSC_8876DSC_8872DSC_8867DSC_8875I fixed Lindy’s hair Princess Leia style one day.DSC_8781DSC_8785GrandBob reading to the kids.DSC_8886Will driving the cool car at the birthday party!DSC_8892DSC_8901Trouble wants to drive the car.DSC_8906Lindy steering, with help from Daddy, and Will pushing the pedal!DSC_8908

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That picture of Lindy holding onto the boy was too sweet for words <3