Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

I have had a great Mother’s day.  The kids were up bright and early and my first present was when Lindy went pee pee in the potty!  It might have taken her 20 minutes of sitting on the potty to do it, but she did!  She woke up with a dry pull-up so I knew she had pee pee!

My second Mother’s Day present was the kids actually played together nicely before we left for church.  It’s a welcome change from the fighting they have been doing so much of lately.  They were playing the iXL together and at one point Will was helping Lindy with one of the games.  Be still my heart.  They can get along!

The presents continued with cards and two hanging baskets from Drew and the kids. 

We went to church and came home for lunch and I opened the presents that the kids made me at Will’s school.  Will’s teacher is SO sweet in the fact that she’ll tell me to bring Lindy in early and she’ll do the same craft with Lindy so that I have one from both of them.  She’ll never know how much that means to me! 

After a nap for the kids we went to Lowes and the kids each picked out a flower for their flower pot.  We came home and Drew fixed us a great panini for my requested Mother’s Day dinner.   After dinner we planted their flowers in their pots. 

It’s been a great day with my wonderful family.  After wanting to be a mom for so many years, I’m so thankful that Lindy, Will, and Adam gave me that opportunity. 

DSC_8921DSC_8918DSC_8919So glad they decided Mother’s Day was a sharing day!DSC_8925Opening the gifts the kids made me!DSC_8929DSC_8930DSC_8934DSC_8936DSC_8937DSC_8939Their pots with flowers in them.DSC_8940DSC_8941DSC_8942

I want to wish my mother a happy mother’s day.  She is the best, most generous mom a girl can have.  I also want to wish the other two mothers in my life a happy mother’s day.  I was lucky to marry into a family and gain Drew’s mom, Lynn, and his step-mother, Suzette, as mothers.  They are all amazing mothers and grandmothers.   

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Andrea said...

What a fantastic Mother's day! I love those flowers pots! I can't wait to get something homemade like that from mine. They start preschool in the fall, so maybe next year! I am cheating and going to comment on the swimming lesson post too - I love how Lindy latched on to that boy! So very cute! Hope your week to great!