Sunday, May 1, 2011

First Beach Weekend of 2011

We headed out Thursday at 1pm and made the best time we’ve ever made getting to the beach house.  It took us 4 hours and 10 minutes and we stopped one time for 10 minutes.  We drove through a massive thunderstorm on the way down that was a bit nerve wracking for awhile.  We took a different route this time and we are so thankful we did.  There were tornado warnings all along the route we usually take. 

We got to the house and unloaded and then headed to dinner.  We stopped by the beach and let the kids see it.  It was crazy windy out since the storm was a-coming that way.  They were so excited to be at the beach!

Friday we got up and headed to the beach after breakfast.  Will wanted so badly to get in the water so Drew took him down soon after we got there.  As you would expect, it was a bit chilly at the end of April.  Will freaked out about the water being so cold and then he wanted nothing to do with it!  Later that morning it warmed up some and I had to convince him to give it another try.  I eventually got him to put his toes in and he ended up being fine with the water.  We never went past ankle to knee deep but he loved jumping the waves.  We stayed at the beach Friday until about 1pm and then headed back for lunch and naps.  After the kids got up we headed back around 4:30pm and stayed for a little over an hour.  Our kids are definitely beach bums!

Mimo got to the beach house late Friday night.  The kids waited up to see her, gave her a kiss, and then went to bed. 

Saturday morning we headed to the beach again, with Mimo.  They loved having Mimo out there to play with them.   The kids thought she was much fun to play with on the beach.  We headed back again at lunch and put the kids down for naps. 

Drew and I got ready and headed to Wilmington for a wedding for my friend Cathy.  Cathy and I went to high school together (actually her new husband graduated with us too!) and then lived together for two years in college.  Besides Cathy I was the one random person who knew all our college friends and the high school friends.  It was fun seeing so many people and of course Cathy looked beautiful.  She was definitely a blushing bride – as she is 27 weeks pregnant.  Oops! 

After doing some work around the house this morning we got in a couple last hours at the beach before we had to get cleaned up and head home.  So sad to leave the beach.  We had beautiful weather the entire trip.  Sunny and in the high 70’s. 

It’s always nice to see Mimo and have help at the beach.  Since coming home Lindy keeps telling me she is getting back in daddy’s car and going to Mimo’s beach house because she misses Mimo!

Hello Beach!  We missed you!DSC_8415DSC_8419My neat picture under the pier was a bust.  They would not stand still and the wind was blowing Lindy’s hair so I couldn’t see her face.DSC_8430DSC_8431DSC_8433Check out that wind.  I think it was seriously blowing them over!DSC_8437Beach or Bust!DSC_8443DSC_8447Beach Bum!DSC_8456Will took off running when he realized the water was cold.DSC_8461”It’s so cold”DSC_8463DSC_8466The other beach bum!DSC_8480Will worked hard on filling up the dump truck and Lindy worked hard emptying the dump truck.DSC_8488She delighted in taking out his sand!DSC_8497DSC_8517Lindy never thought the water was too cold.  She loved it from the first minute she touched it!DSC_8535Will finally decided it wasn’t too bad – after a lot of coaxing.DSC_8540DSC_8542The boy has some ups – and a little butt crack showing!DSC_8559Island GirlDSC_8602Mimo!!DSC_8623DSC_8613DSC_8617DSC_8629Heading out to Cathy and Jon’s wedding!DSC_8635The happy couple!DSC_8650Nicole, Me, and AnitaDSC_8674Me and Cathy!DSC_8676The Wilmington girls!DSC_8680

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becca said...

I am so jealous! CJ keeps begging to go to the beach :)

Love the posts and pictures as always!