Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nana and Papa’s Visit

My parents spent Easter weekend in Kansas City with my sister’s family and then flew from KC to Greensboro and spent a few days with us.  This past week was my mom’s spring break at school.  They arrived Monday afternoon and left Thursday evening.

We enjoyed our visit with them.  Even though it was spring break for mom, It was a normal week for us.  My parents drove around Tuesday looking for some possible retirement sites.  Wednesday they got to go to music class with the kids.  I know Lindy and Will enjoyed having them there.  We got to eat out a few times which is always nice since we hardly ever eat out. 

Wednesday evening my mom and I went to Greensboro and met a friend of mine for dinner.  I lived in Bennington, Vermont from 4th grade through 8th grade and was friends with a girl named Jennifer.  About 6 years ago she was driving through the area and came to visit me.  It was the first time I’d seen her in 14 years, but we had kept in touch that whole time.  At least it wasn’t another 14 years until I saw her again.  She was in town on business so we met her for dinner.  We had a great time catching up and my mom enjoyed seeing her as well.  I hope she has more business trips in NC!

Thursday morning we all slept in and packed and our family headed out to the beach around 1pm.  My parents headed to Greensboro and messed around and met some friends for dinner and then flew out at 8pm.  Except they didn’t make it home Thursday night.  They got stuck in Washington Dulles airport and ended up spending the night in the airport and flying home Friday morning.  They had really bad luck on their flights in the past week.  Their flight to Missouri was majorly delayed.

It is always nice to see my parents and have the extra help.  Lindy has been saying, “I miss Nana and Will misses Papa.” 

Lou Lou in a cute outfit.DSC_8344Playing a new fishing game that the Easter Bunny brought.DSC_8347We headed downtown Wednesday night and ate outside at the Mellow Mushroom.  It was a beautiful evening.DSC_8360DSC_8361DSC_8378Another cute outfit and braided pigtails!DSC_8382Me and my friend Jennifer DSC_8385Doing the hand movements to a new book we got in music class.DSC_8393Lindy and Will with their Nana and Papa.DSC_8403

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