Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let’s See….

we did a bunch of nothing again this week.  We are becoming boring!

The kids had their normal music class on Wednesday afternoon.  We came home and the kids took a short nap and then we headed to our local branch library.  Drew was going to pick up some books so we tagged along.  I thought it would be fun for them to see all the books and for us to sit and read them.  Except all they wanted to do was play games on the little kid computer and were not interested in the books.  I did find a couple potty training books so we can read them to Lindy.  We are going to go full force over spring break (the end of March) so maybe these books will help. 

Friday afternoon the kids and I had a little adventure in downtown Winston.  A group of us met downtown and walked the proposed route for the March for Babies walk.  This is the first time the walk has been downtown so we had to see what the walk was like and figure out where to put spirit stations and signs.  We did walk fairly slow and we did stop and talk quite a few times but almost two hours after we started we finally finished!  Hopefully the actual walk will go much faster!  Thankfully Aunt Jamie was there with me and helped push the kids because man I’m out of shape and some of those hills got me!  Lindy finally fell asleep but Will was awake and enjoying the walk the entire time.  The fresh air was great for us all!  After walking we met Drew at Baptist Hospital and we ordered Lindy a new pair of glasses.  A little more ‘normal’ looking glasses than the plastic ones she has now.  It’ll be hard to get used to her in anything else but we are going to try it out.  We got new lenses for her old glasses as well, just in case she can’t adjust to the new ones and just to have a back-up pair.  She is finally at the point where I don’t think she’ll break them 17 times a day.  For the most part she leaves them on all day.  It’ll take about a week to get new ones in.

The weekend was much more eventful than our week – for me at least.  We started off Friday night meeting Mike and Janice (and our friend Duncan) at the ‘ice cream shop’ for dinner – and ice cream.  We ran back to our house and left the kids with Mike and Janice and Drew, Duncan, and I went to see the Kings Speech.  It was a GREAT movie!   Saturday I left around lunchtime and drove to Raleigh for a bridal shower for my old friend from high school (and college roommate), Cathy.  It was fun seeing friends – one who I haven’t seen in so long!  After the shower I met up with another group of college friends and we went out to eat in downtown Raleigh.  I spent the night in Raleigh (with my other college roommate!) and got home today around lunchtime.  The ride home in the pouring rain was not too much fun but the time spent in Raleigh was! 

We have a little more interesting week coming up – most important Lindy’s IEP meeting tomorrow.  Hopefully we get that thing finalized tomorrow.  We’ve had a few meetings since school started trying to get everything all correct.  Fingers crossed tomorrow goes smoothly!

A few pictures from another boring week!

This girl is the queen of funny faces!DSC_6881DSC_6882After I get the kids ready upstairs they go downstairs and go running to greet daddy.  DSC_6888Having a little tea party with Boo Boo Bear and Buddy.DSC_6891On our walk Friday afternoon.DSC_6896Lindy passed out and kept falling out of the stroller.DSC_6900Right after this picture I ended up switching L&W so she was in the back and could lay down!DSC_6901The glasses we ordered Lindy!  Still pink but a little more regular looking!DSC_6906Trying on glasses.  I think he looks like ErkelDSC_6908and Lindy looks like Sally Jesse Raphael!  DSC_6910The girls at the shower.  Nicole, me, Heather, Cathy (the bride), Anita, and Amber.DSC_6918More college friends!  Nicole, Julie, me, Joanna, and Heather.DSC_6925 I got home and found the kids had formed a train with their little chairs. DSC_6931


Andrea said...

Loving the new frames! To sweet! She is getting to be a big girl!

Love how the post total says it all too! :)

becca said...

LOVE the new frames!

I will be praying for Lindy's IEP tomorrow and that it will go just the way you wish it to!

I talked to David this weekend, he seemed fine with me joining but I'll get a final answer from him shortly.

You'll be hearing from me again soon.

Love and hugs!