Sunday, March 13, 2011

Crazy Kids

Lindy and Will have been crazy today.  It’s as if they gained an hour of sleep and they are really well rested instead of losing an hour of sleep.  They also chose last night as the night where they would each wake up 2-3 different times.  I think they planned it.  They wanted to make the night we were losing an hour of sleep to be even worse for us.  They are crafty little characters.  I think their sense of humor is a little off.

On Monday we had Lindy’s IEP meeting and I’m happy to report it went very well and was relatively short for how much paperwork there was to go over.  The main thing we were concerned about was her being able to stay put for the rest of the year, and she is.  The major thing we did was change her categories.  She no longer qualifies for developmentally delayed (yay!!)  so we needed a new primary category.  The two choices were visually impaired or hearing impaired.  We ended up choosing visually impaired as her primary category and hearing impaired as her secondary category.   None of her services changed, just her categories.

Her most recent testing has all come back SO GOOD!  The Bracken Basic Concept Scale was given when she was 3 years 5 months and her score came in at 3 years 1 month.  Her preschool checklist score was a 52 – which they said already qualifies her for a readiness or regular education kindergarten classroom (which would be with resources).   The preschool language scale test was given and her average between the auditory comprehension and expressive communication came out to be 4 years old!!!  They basically can’t say she has a language delay anymore.  We changed it to say she has some gaps in her language which she still needs help with (things like conversation).  We are so thrilled with how well she is doing.  Because she is doing so well she does not qualify for the hearing impaired classroom next year.  We’ll be having more meetings to figure out where she will go next year.  We’re so glad she is doing well but I love her classroom and teachers!!

Tuesday we enjoyed a pancake supper at our church to celebrate Shrove Tuesday.  The kids cleaned up their plates which is always nice.  Wednesday Drew had an Ash Wednesday service at church and Thursday I hung out with Lindy at her school all morning for career day.  I guess it’s never too young to introduce new careers to them.  But I think the biostatistician was a little over our preschoolers’ heads!  The coolest by far were the chemists (once upon a time I worked as a chemist) who had things smoking and turning colors.  The preschool kids did about as well as they could but faded a bit at the end.  It was still fun to hang with Lindy and her class.  Thursday evening I had a March of Dimes meeting – where I found out we are one of the top five fundraising teams in North Carolina right now.   Go Million Dollar Babies!!!!  Friday night was my mother of multiples consignment sale.  I took 6 bins of clothes and toys and a bunch of other big toy items and came home with only 1.5 bins of clothes on Saturday afternoon!  I can’t wait to get my check in the mail this week!  I didn’t buy very much at all because I didn’t need much.  The kids can wear most of their clothes from last year and my sister now provides us with boxes of clothes from her girls.  I did get a couple good deals that I couldn’t pass up.

We had a special visitor come see us this week.  Miss Chris, Lindy’s old hearing teacher stopped by for a visit Wednesday afternoon.  We hadn’t seen her since last August when she stopped serving Lindy (because she turned 3 and aged out).  Last time we saw her Lindy was just starting to talk a good bit but she was very impressed with our girl now!  The kids did a switcheroo on us though and Lindy acted shy at first and Will was talking up a storm.  It’s normally the other way around.  Once Lindy was fully awake from her nap she started talking and showing Chris her mad talking skills!  It was so nice to see Chris because we definitely miss her.  We credit Chris for so much of Lindy’s amazing progress. 

Our weather has been beautiful this weekend.  After naptime yesterday we met Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie at a park and played – with everyone else who had the same idea.  This afternoon we stuck close to home and rode tricycles and rode in the wagon around the neighborhood.  I wish this weather was here to stay but the next couple days say cooler and rainy.  Yuck!

And now a few pictures to satisfy the picture lovers out there.

The kids were practicing good church etiquette.  DSC_6936Tickle time!  You’ll tickle her and stop and she’ll say, “Do it again!”DSC_6983DSC_6984Being silly…again!DSC_6987DSC_6989Miss Chris!DSC_6977She wrote an ‘L’!DSC_6991It’s really hard to see but she was matching her m'&m’s up to the colors on her placemat!  DSC_6992Yucky blue m&m tongue!DSC_6995It looked like Will was giving Lindy a personal concert.DSC_6997Before church today.  He had a choke hold on her at first!DSC_7003DSC_7004Check out where his hand it.  Boys will be boys!DSC_7008


becca said...

SO EXCITED to hear the good news from Lindy's IEP! Wonderful!!!!

As always, loved your post! <3

Lauren said...

So awesome to hear Lindy is doing so well!!! Hoping we'll get to see a lot more of you once we are living right up the road!