Sunday, March 27, 2011

For Kathy P

This post is dedicated to Kathy P at my doctor’s office.  She is a huge reason why we even have children and she is a faithful blog reader!  Hey Kathy!

We had a pretty quiet week with not too much going on.  The weather was gorgeous the first part of the week so we enjoyed that.  Today is the complete opposite – it’s cold and rainy. 

The kids had their usual Wednesday afternoon music class.  Thursday I picked up the kids from school and we had a little picnic outside Will’s school. Then we packed up and headed to Lindy’s physical therapy appointment.  We met Drew outside and did a Will handoff and Lindy and I headed inside.  She had a really good session with Heather.  The excitement was that she did the whole session in two SMO (short) braces.  Currently she wears an SMO  (short) brace on her right foot and an AFO (tall) brace on her left foot.  She’s doing so well that Heather wanted to see how she did with two SMO’s.  They have boxes of old braces people give them after they are done so she found one that fit Lindy.  She didn’t spaz out when we put it on her – which she sometimes does with new or different things.  It did take her a little while to get used to it.  At first she was walking on her toes but the longer she wore it the better she did.  By the end she was walking really well in it.  Heather sent us home with it and told us to have her wear it in the afternoon after she wakes up from her nap.  She is getting to the point of needing new braces so there is a chance she could get two new SMO’s.  We’ll just have to see how she does.  She also needs to have the consent of her orthopedist, who we see in April.  She’s definitely heading in the right direction though! 

Friday I had a March of Dimes meeting and then Aunt Anna and her boyfriend Brian came up to visit us.  The kids had a blast playing with them and I finally got to meet Brian.  I was the last one to meet him.  Looks like he might be around for awhile! 

Last night we had a Relay for Life fundraiser at church.  We had dinner and then a ‘50-‘60’s band played some great music.  The kids were loving it.  Will played the ‘drums’ with two straws and Lindy was bopping along.  They were dancing behind us but as soon as someone saw them and wanted them to go up front and dance, they clammed up. 

The other excitement of the week was that I painted Lindy’s fingernails and toenails, for the first time ever.  That was quite an adventure trying get to her to stay still long enough.  She doesn’t sit very still and she was very interested in what I was doing which made it quite hard.  She has been very proud of her nails though.  She showed everyone in school the next day!

We are on spring break this coming up week.  Drew has a bunch of meetings so we could not go anywhere.  The big plan for the week is to potty train Lindy.  We’ve been talking it up big time and I showed her all her big girl pants today.  We’re going at it hard on Tuesday.  What an exciting way to spend spring break, huh? Wish us luck!

Sitting on the top of a ball – Hoping the ball doesn’t roll away.DSC_7361She was stuck!DSC_7363We had to pull out some spring clothes last week.DSC_7380My girl loves to give me some serious hugs when we’re taking a picture!DSC_7384DSC_7387She’s so stinking pretty!DSC_7390And she loves her daddy’s kisses!DSC_7396Gearing up for a BIG hug!DSC_7402DSC_7403We see this face all day long.  It’s followed by “I’VE GOT SNOT!”  His allergies are better on medicine but we’ve still got lots of snot.DSC_7404Will needs a haircut!DSC_7411More spring clothes!DSC_7415DSC_7423First time painting her fingernails and toes!DSC_7425Are those not the cutest, crookedest toes you’ve ever seen?!DSC_7428DSC_7442DSC_7455Having a rousing game of Chutes and Ladders.DSC_7469Lindy loving on Aunt Anna!DSC_7473Lindy, Brian, Aunt Anna, and WillDSC_7475Sweet girl’s church dress today.DSC_7481

Lindy is a much more willing model these days.  Seems impossible to catch Will these days. 


becca said...

Lovely pictures as always! It kills me that the boys were in shorts two days this week and now they were back in their winter coats today! Oy!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! What an honor to have one of your blog titles my name. I came in early this morning to see patients and had some time in between and thought I would see what the Southerns were up to, and low and behold there was my name!
Thanks Jamie for all that YOU do, not only with your family but with the March of Dimes and keeping this fun Blog going for everyone to share in your life.
Hope to see you soon.
Give those babies a big hug for me.
Love to all,
Kathy P