Sunday, January 9, 2011

Married to an Old Man

This has to have been one of the quietest weeks we have had in awhile.   It was actually nice to have the first week back to school and ‘real life’ be uneventful.  It gave me a chance to get Christmas decorations packed up and put away.  It also allowed the kids to play with all their new Christmas presents.

Drew celebrated his birthday last Sunday, January 2nd.  Ed and Jamie came to church, ate a fried chicken lunch with us, hung out, and ate a chili dinner with us.  I think Drew enjoyed his day at home, hanging out with his brother, and eating foods he loves. 

The kids started back to school fine.  I wondered how Lindy would do after a 2 week break, but she was fine.   Neither had any problems slipping back into the school routine.

Wednesday we did go to music class.  Lindy and Will were the only kids there this week but they still had class.  We only have one more week of this session of music class but we are planning to do the next class. They love their class so I think we’ll keep going. 

Thursday afternoon we headed back out to our old Stokes County stomping grounds to see a friend from our old church.  We had a really nice visit with her and ended up going to get dinner with her.  It’s always good to stay in touch with friends, even after you move.

The most fun the kids had this week was getting to go to the Children’s Museum on Saturday afternoon for their friend Berkley’s 4th birthday party.  They had snacks and cake, watched Berks open her presents, and then got to go play.  They had a blast.  They have a new, expanded part with these clear plastic tubes that you put yarn balls or scarfs in and they fly through the tubes.  Will played in that part so long.  He had so much fun putting in a ball and seeing where it came out! 

We are supposed to get more snow tomorrow, a similar storm to what came on Christmas Day.  Because we were traveling to Ohio the next day we were NOT excited about that snow and didn’t go out to play in it.  Now that we have nothing to do and we aren’t going anywhere, I want snow.  Lots and lots of snow!  Bring it on! I just hope the freezing rain and ice they are saying might happen at the end of the snow will stay away.  Snow is okay, ice is not.

This child is turning into a silly, wild child.DSC_5456Fun with Daddy on his birthday.DSC_5458DSC_5460She walked around in my vest all night.  What a goober!DSC_5463Birthday Chili!DSC_5465Happy Birthday to the best Daddy ever.  DSC_5466Birthday brownies – at his request.DSC_5471Lindy has started using her new chairs to watch tv.  (I can’t figure out what the strange thing on the wall is in this picture).DSC_5541Good looking boy modeling a new sweater. They were happy to go back to school!DSC_5545DSC_5549I pulled out Lindy’s vest and she LOVED it.  She wore it all night and wanted to wear it to school the next day.DSC_5559DSC_5562DSC_5568DSC_5570She was scolding Jack.DSC_5571Will has been loving the big puzzles he got for Christmas.DSC_5573Lindy has really enjoyed her baby stroller.  Except she likes to push anything but babies.  And most often it’s been the dish towels.  I finally got her to push a baby by the end of the week.DSC_5574Berkley’s 4th birthday party!  DSC_5581Watching Berks open her presentDSC_5583Will, Berkley, and LindyDSC_5587DSC_5595DSC_5597Will LOVED this contraption!DSC_5600My friend Wendy and her mom, Carol.DSC_5601This was the look on Will’s face most of the time.  He was so excited and having so much fun!DSC_5608Before church today.DSC_5612DSC_5613DSC_5616

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