Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Long Time, No Post

It’s been more than my usual week since I last posted.  There’s good reason for that!

Updates from my last post – Lindy is doing great in her big girl bed.  She is staying in her bed, which is the biggest thing, but  it takes her awhile to fall asleep.  She likes the door open now, whereas before I always shut it.  The other update is that we made NO progress with potty training.  She might be that kid in kindergarten in a diaper. 

For the record (and because this is my own personal record) I’ll back up to the beginning of last week.

Let’s see, on January 16th I put the kids’ new sheets and comforters on their ‘big kid beds.’  I ordered toddler bedding sets from CSN Baby and I love them.  They are kind of similar to their baby bedding, which some might not find very exciting, but I really liked their baby bedding and now I really like their toddler bedding.  I was able to use the same curtains from the baby bedding which was the best part.   The kids love their new bedding.  Lindy would never  sleep under a blanket and now she won’t go to sleep without her new blanket.  I don’t really enjoy making their beds in the morning but oh well!

Lindy didn’t have school on the 17th because of Martin Luther King Day. 

Tuesday (the 18th) was my birthday! Yay – I love my birthday!  We got up at our normal waking times and got ready and came down to find out schools were on a 2 hour delay.  My sweet hubby made my favorite breakfast, French toast, for me.  Lindy went to school from 10-11:30am and Will went to school from 11am-1pm.  Will had to bring a lunch and he got to eat lunch at school with his friends.  Drew, Lindy, and I ate a birthday lunch from Sonic.  Then we had a birthday dinner here at our house.  We had steaks, baked potatoes, and salad.  Yummy!  I had a lovely day with my family and got to talk to many friends and family on the phone. 

Wednesday morning we got the kids up and ready and I took Lindy to school.  I came home, finished a little last minute packing and then Drew and Will took me to the airport so that I could fly to NEW YORK CITY for a week with my friend!!!  What a great little birthday treat for me.  I’ll do a separate post about my trip. 

Wednesday afternoon Drew took the kids to the first music class of the new semester.  There is only one other little boy in there with them.  Three kids from last semester didn’t sign back up.  Oh well, Lindy and Will love it so I guess we’d go even if it was just them.  The theme this semester is cities – appropriate since I was headed to NYC that very day!

Drew was on his own Wednesday afternoon through Friday morning.  He had to get them both ready and to school on Thursday morning.  Thursday was pajama day at Will’s school.  I’d been telling him all week he got to wear his pj’s to school on Thursday and he would hear nothing of it.  Probably because I’m always telling him he can’t go to school until he gets dressed.  He kept saying he would have to get dressed to go to school.  Drew finally talked him into wearing his pj’s that morning.  He also got to take a special item and he chose to take his taggie, a little blanket he’s had in his bed since he was born, but hasn’t ever really cared much about!  Strange selection!  It was also pancake day so they had pancakes at snack time.  Sounds like a fun morning!

Lindy did not have school on Friday because of a teacher workday.  Drew’s dad came up for the day to help him.  He helped entertain the kids by playing with them a lot.  Friday evening Drew’s mom got there and stayed the whole weekend.

Saturday the entire Southern clan, minus me and our nephew Corbyn, came over for lunch.  Everyone got to meet Aunt Anna’s new boyfriend!!  I hear it was a great afternoon.  Sunday Lynn got the kids ready and took them to church and stayed most of the afternoon.

I talked to the kids each night before they went to bed and it was so sweet.  I never talk to them on the phone so it was neat to hear their voices.  I’m sure they missed me but I know they loved having all their family around all weekend.  I know Drew appreciated the help from his mom and dad. 

Here are pictures of before my trip and then Lynn took pictures before church on Sunday.  Drew is not a picture taking kind of guy.

New toddler bedding!DSC_5755DSC_5756See how I don’t have to change the curtains?DSC_5758Lindy’s comforter has circles and Will’s has diamonds, but they are the same on the under side and they are the same sheets (just in pink and blue).  Matching, but not too matchy.  I needed them to match a little.  I just couldn’t handle walking in the room and seeing two completely random bedding sets. DSC_5766DSC_5767So proud of their new bedding!DSC_5770DSC_5774DSC_5780DSC_5781My man making me French toast!DSC_5791DSC_5792DSC_5799DSC_5805Drew also made me this beautiful birthday cake!DSC_5812DSC_5817DSC_5818DSC_5820DSC_5824DSC_5826DSC_5832DSC_5834DSC_5837Drew looks half asleep.  Maybe he was.  He was tired from all the cooking he’d done on my birthday!DSC_5847DSC_5849Lindy’s cute outfit before school on Wednesday.DSC_5855Before church on Sunday.DSCF0232DSCF0233DSCF0236

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I see Rudolph is still a companion. :o Love the new beds and bedding!