Sunday, January 16, 2011

Icy Week

We did a whole bunch of NOTHING this week because of a little snow and ice that we got. 

The snow was supposed to come in Monday around noon.  They cancelled school Sunday night around 8pm!  Yep, they cancelled school because of the threat of snow!  In a sad situation, our county had a high school student die in a car crash last week because of some ice on the roads.  Since that just happened I think they were worried about the high school kids driving home in snow.

What they predicted did not happen.  I had heard we could get as much as 6-8 inches.  It snowed very lightly all day long and the kids really should have gone to school on Monday.  Monday night the snow picked up a little bit and then it turned into sleet and some freezing rain overnight.  Because of the ice, school was cancelled Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and we had a two hour delay on Friday.

Everything we had scheduled this week was obviously cancelled.  Instead we did a lot of coloring, playing games, watercolor painting, play with play-doh, and we went sledding one time outside.

The biggest news of the week is that Lindy started sleeping in a big-girl bed!  She’d been playing in Will’s bed a lot lately so I asked her if she wanted a big-girl bed.  She said yes so Wednesday night I switched her bed (again – we tried it before Christmas and she’d have nothing to do with it).  The first night I started out sitting by her bed, eventually moved over by the door, and eventually out the door.  We’ve had to hang out outside her door each night but she is doing pretty well.  The first night she woke up twice and wanted her blankets back on.  The second night she woke up a TON.  She did get out of her bed one time too.  I got her back in bed and let her cry.  Last night she slept the entire night without ever waking up.  So Will decided to wake up.  I swear they tag-team.  She has also started sleeping with a pillow.  She finally realized that it is pretty neat that Will had a pillow.  I think she is done with the crib – no turning back now!  One step towards being a big girl.

The temperatures are finally on the rise and the sun is out so we are hoping all this winter stuff goes away!  We live in North Carolina, we’re not supposed to get all this mess!

Here’s pictures of what we did this week.

Last Sunday GrandBob, Suzette, Ed, Jamie, and Molly all came over for a birthday dinner for Drew and I.  It turned into a dance party!DSC_5629DSC_5631I made the kids hot chocolate for the first time ever.  They LOVED it!DSC_5635DSC_5637Love those eyes!DSC_5638Heading outside to play.  Lindy was not too sure about her get-up!DSC_5645DSC_5647DSC_5648First time EVER sledding.  Our driveway had just enough ice coating on it that we could sled.DSC_5650DSC_5653DSC_5658DSC_5661DSC_5669DSC_5678DSC_5681DSC_5685DSC_5691DSC_5696DSC_5702What movie does this remind you of?DSC_5705This is daddy telling her NOT to put her tongue on the light pole.  She quickly got removed from that position!DSC_5706Will was telling me that he was going to throw snowballs way up high in the sky!DSC_5712DSC_5716Lindy is a snow eater. Every year she takes every opportunity she has to eat snow.DSC_5719Painting.DSC_5723Lindy Lou-Lou sleeping like a big girl!DSC_5725Finally, two big kids in big kid beds!!!!DSC_5728DSC_5729I ♥ Snow DaysDSC_5740Using a pillow to take a nap.DSC_5742DSC_5746I put Lindy in big-girl pants last night, just to play around with potty –training. She went once last night on the potty.  She also had two accidents.  She hasn’t gone at all today and had one small accident.  DSC_5747Nutella on toast for breakfast today.  What a mess!DSC_5751


Andrea said...

Love the fun in the snow pictures! They are all so cute! Hope you have a great week!

becca said...

as always, I love your blog! Our county's schools had a 2 hour delay TODAY, as in 1/18! Ah, good old NC! :)

Amanda said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while . . . I am glad to see you are doing well! Will and Lindy are getting so big! I love the sledding pictures of you and Drew!

Jodi said...

I love to hear how Will and Lindy are doing. I still can't get Olivia to sleep with a pillow. . she wants nothing to do with them. LOL. Hope potty training with Lindy is going better than it is with Olivia. I think my daughter must be the hardest child to potty train in the world!!