Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Last Week Continued and A Preview of This Week

My post was getting way too long last weekend so I left out a few other events. 

Last Wednesday night we had Uncle Ed and soon-to-be Aunt Jamie over for dinner.  The kids had a blast playing with them.  I made cheesy chicken enchiladas and Mexican sweet corn cake for dinner and had no idea that it was Cinco de Mayo!  It worked well though!

Thursday evening we went over to some church members’ house for dinner.  Although the kids did not eat well, they still had a great time.   After dinner we got to go for a ride on the golf cart.  Dick took Will and Drew for a ride first.  Will sat between them and looked so darn cute.  They rode down to their pond and from what I hear Will went out on the little dock they have.  When they got back, Esther took Lindy and I on a ride.  We bumped along down by the garden and back to the pond and Lindy thought that was pretty funny.  It was a fun evening for everyone, even if the kids went to bed way too late!

Last Friday afternoon we decided we wanted some strawberries.  Some church members have strawberry fields so we were headed to their place to get some.  They usually have some pre-picked but they were completely sold out that day.  So we got to go pick a gallon in the fields.  I hadn’t really planned to do this but it was fun.  Christy helped Lindy and I and Christy’s son Justin and a friend, Gracie, took Will and helped him.  Of course neither children claim to like strawberries but Drew and I are enjoying them.  It was their first time picking strawberries.  Lindy didn’t actually pick any but she was a good helper by carrying the bucket!

Of course I didn’t have my camera for any of these adventures :(

Will has been saying some cute things lately.  Anytime he thinks he is hurt he says “…. hurt” and fills in the blank with whatever body part is hurt.  He then immediately says, “Kiss it all better” and holds the appendage out for us to kiss.  It’s impossible not to kiss the hurt appendage!  He is counting to 13 these days.  Once he gets to 13 he then says, “19, 20!”  He’s only missing a few numbers in there!  One day last week I asked him to get something and before I could even say anything he said, “Good job, Will!”  And a funny one happened just this afternoon as well.  Lindy has entered a phase the last few days of crying each time I put her down for nap time or bedtime.  She cries so hard she has been making herself throw up.  As I was cleaning up throw up I said to Will, “Can you tell your sister that it’s okay and to calm down when she is crying?”  Will said, “Calm down sissy.  Take deep breaths.”   How funny is that?  Drew had been trying to teach Will to take deep breaths a few weeks ago whenever he would get mad and have a tantrum.  It didn’t really work for him but he remembered it!  A pretty regular thing out of his mouth these days is “No No sissy.”  I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing! 

Lindy really does seem to be imitating and repeating us more these days.  She just hasn’t started saying much by herself yet.  Although anytime I go to the bathroom and she is around she always says, “Mama poo poo.”  Not every time darling!  I don’t think she actually has a clue what poo poo means but she does knows it is associated with a toilet!

And the news thus far this week is that I decided to start potty training Will yesterday.  Well I tried both of them but Lindy just won’t go on the potty!  We went to Target and got some cool sports training pants and some cool Mickey Mouse and Lightning McQueen big boy underpants.  I started him yesterday afternoon and put him on the potty about every 30 minutes.  The big boy went almost every time I put him on there.  He only had one accident and that was partly my fault, I let him go longer than 30 minutes.  This morning has gone okay.  He did poo poo in his pants and after I cleaned him up I put on another pair and he immediately peed.  I learned my lesson to put him on the potty, even if he has an accident.  He does great when I put him on the potty.  He goes almost every time.  But  he hasn’t started telling me he needs to go.  So we’ll see how this all goes.  We have almost nothing this week, except for two appointments Wednesday, which are still at home, so I thought it was a good time to try. 

Big boy training pants.DSC_0212 This is how we’re rolling these days – shirts, big boy underwear and no pants.DSC_0217 Isn’t that the cutest little Tow Mater bottom you’ve ever seen?DSC_0219 Like I said, I tried Lindy yesterday but this is what I got. Leg cocked up and relaxing.DSC_0214


Southern Loves said...

YAY for potties...I have an award for you over on my blog...I will post later, so be sure and check back!! :-D

Cheryl said...

Good luck, take time.