Friday, January 22, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!!

First off, and most importantly, Monday, the 18th, was my birthday!!  I had a nice weekend of celebrating.  Drew and I went out Saturday night with our friends Kris and Katie for a nice adults only dinner and a movie.  Our friend Janice stayed with the kids and we were able to go out and enjoy ourselves.  On Monday Drew made me lunch and a cake.  We got to go shopping at Target and we went out to eat.  Drew’s brother, Ed, was able to join us, which was nice.  It was a nice day with my family. 

Tuesday we were back to the our normal appointments.  Lindy had PT at 9am and for the first time this year she participated willingly and worked hard.  Last week completely stressed me out so I was really glad to see her back to normal.  Tuesday afternoon we had vision therapy with Leslie.  Leslie is doing her national boards so she had another teacher with her video taping the session.  Thankfully Lindy participated and behaved pretty well on camera!

Wednesday we just had hearing therapy in the afternoon.  We worked on big and not big.  We’ve taken a break from trying to get her to choose two correct toys.  It was stressing us all out. 

The last two days have been rainy and cold.  We haven’t left the house since Tuesday.  I guess Will hasn’t actually left the house at all this week.  I wonder if he has cabin fever. 

The biggest thing going on in our house right now is pushing.  It’s mostly Lindy pushing Will but today he was pushing her back.  We’ve started putting Lindy in time out but it doesn’t seem to change anything. 

Lindy has figured out how to climb on the couch.  She uses the book basket to get up there.  She is just a hair too short to do it by herself.  It shocks me every time I walk in and find her up there.  She can get off which is a good thing.  She tries to stand up which is a bad thing.  I’ll put the book basket back under the coffee table to stop her and she will pull it right back out and get up on the couch.  Smart girl!  She has also figured out how to unzip her pajamas and I’ve found her the last two mornings with them half way unzipped.  I’m just waiting for the morning I go in and her diaper is off.  Another cute thing Lindy has started doing is when we crouch down and say come here to her she will take steps backwards and then run to you (as much as Lindy can run, but it’s faster than a walk!)  She also figured out how to walk in a circle this week and make herself dizzy!

Will has spent the week making the funniest faces.  Of course I can’t actually catch it on camera though.  We are ready for the kids to expand their vocabularies but I can’t imagine the day Will stops saying “Hi Boo” to us.  ‘Hi Boo’ has probably taken first place these days in front of ‘What’s that.’  He gets so excited and he says “Hi Boo.’  Sometimes he yells ‘HI’ really loud and then adds a quick, soft ‘Boo’ to the end.  Drew’s says it is Ric Flair style.  The cutest thing Will does lately is say the dinner blessing with Drew.  As soon as Drew says, “Let’s say the blessing” Will starts blabbering away.  It is so funny.  I have video of it, I need to upload it soon!

Have a great weekend.  I’m looking forward to hanging out with my high school friends tomorrow!

Cutie patooties DSC_0976DSC_0978How I found them one day – just drinking milk on the couch.  DSC_0979Church outfits last week.DSC_0988DSC_0989  My birthday!DSC_1044DSC_1006DSC_1037DSC_1031DSC_1053Lindy’s half unzipped pj’s look.DSC_1066 Will’s Hugh Heffner style pj’s he has been wearing this week! (He’s signing ‘eat’ in the picture).DSC_1082       We’ve always said Will has a really expressive face.  He was telling us he wanted down from his chair but he talks with his face.  He always talks with his eyebrows too.DSC_1090 DSC_1111The kids helped me make Oreo bon bons today.  They got to pound the Oreos.DSC_1091DSC_1092Lindy got her first real pig tails today.  I didn’t think she could get any cuter, but look at these pictures!DSC_1095 DSC_1100 Sometimes we talk about how big the kids are getting.  Then I see Will like this and I am reminded that he is still so little.  And I’m glad!DSC_1076 DSC_0006


Callie said...

Oh my goodness... you are so right. Lindy with her pigtails...I didn't think she could possibly get any cuter either, but she just keeps on doing it!!! And Will with his facial expressions - adorable. Love the pictures this week!

Joey said...

Happy birthday Jamie! Hope you had a great one. Kind of surreal seeing my college roomie with a cake that says "33". Wow. :-) Love the pics of the babies - they're so adorable! See ya soon.