Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally Warmer Weather!

Another week bites the dust.  They go so fast.  I told Drew that I want to give the kids anti-aging pills so they will stop growing so fast.  

We started our week off bright and early on Monday morning with an appointment with our early intervention lady.  We had to update Lindy’s IFSP.  Chelle was very impressed with all she had learned to do in the last 6 months.  Go Lindy!

Tuesday was our weekly physical therapy appointment which turned out to be fairly stressful.  Lindy was a big pill the whole session.  She didn’t want Heather touching her and she didn’t want to work at all.  I was losing patience with her new attitude quickly.

Wednesday was the big day with Will.  He had his first speech therapy session.  Our therapist was supposed to be here at 8:45am but didn’t get here until about 9:25am because she got very lost.  She finally made it and I think Will actually had a good time.  For once, someone was here for him.  I held Lindy in my lap and I think he liked being able to play with the toys all by himself.  She worked on getting him to say the word more and by the end he was saying it!  He usually does it with the sign but that is great!  He has continued saying it all week which is good.  He has also started saying a couple other words, or approximations of words, when he wants something. 

Thursday both kids got a haircut.  I had originally just gotten an appointment for LIndy but I took Will because I decided he could use a little trim as well.  I warned Anita that Lindy might not be cooperative and at first she wasn’t.  Instead of sit on the counter I ended up having to hold her in my lap.  It wasn’t easy but we got it cut.  Will was a little shy but he got to play with a water bottle and he was pretty happy. 

Thursday afternoon we had Lindy’s hearing therapy.  She finished up her testing with Lindy.  Yeah!!  Now back to our regularly scheduled hearing therapy sessions! 

Yesterday it finally started warming up and today it was almost 60F.  After naptime I loaded the kids and we went to the park to play.  I had planned to just keep them in the stroller but Will saw the play equipment and wanted out.  I let them play and get dirty and they had a blast.  The strange thing is that we still have piles of snow around from when it snowed on December 18th.  It was almost 60F and Will was playing with snow at the park.  Very odd!

Have a fantastic weekend! 

I gave the kids hotdogs this week for the first time.  They both loved them.  Will loves dipping them in ketchup.  He likes to suck the ketchup off the hotdog and then eat it.DSC_0871Will is a fairly neat eater, even with ketchup.DSC_0872Lindy is NOT a neat eater! DSC_0873All cleaned up!DSC_0875DSC_0878DSC_0890DSC_0898We finally got Will’s workbench put together.  We’re missing a couple pieces that the company is sending, but he’s still having fun with it.DSC_0901Playing with Lindy!DSC_0909        DSC_0911

Having Marilyn Monroe moments with the Busy Ball Popper!DSC_0919 DSC_0931 DSC_0921 DSC_0928









Should I be worried that Lindy is playing with the workbench and Will was playing with the pink house?DSC_0933 Like I said last week, Lindy has been copying us like crazy.  For instance:DSC_0934DSC_0938  Post haircut!DSC_0943DSC_0949  Playing at the park!DSC_0961DSC_0963


Mimo said...

Everybody knows that the ketchup is the best part of the hotdog! Love the monkey see, monkey do. Boy, I have the cutest grandchildren!!!

Erin said...

60 degrees! Oh we can hope for warmer days soon! Enjoy it while you can! Cute kiddos growing so fast!

Brenda F said...

Hi Jamie,
Thank you for the Christmas card, we enjoyed it. Yes, I'm the same Brenda from work. :-)
Looks like the kids are off to a great 2010. Take Care!