Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thankful Week

I guess I better get around to my weekly post.  This weekend is almost over.

Not a lot went on last week.  At first I thought we had no appointments whatsoever.  I was so excited to have a therapy free week.  And then I remembered last Sunday morning in the shower that I just hadn't written down her physical therapy appointment.  She has it every Tuesday at 9am.  I guess one appointment in a week isn't too bad but I really was looking forward to that completely free week.  But PT went fine.  It was so long ago that I don't remember much happening. 

Wednesday afternoon we headed to Charlotte to Drew's mom's house.  We spent Wednesday night there.  Thursday morning I had grand plans to get Drew's sister, Anna, to take our pictures for our Christmas card and we woke up to rainy and foggy weather.  We had to skip the pictures but we headed to Drew's dad's house for our big Thanksgiving lunch.  We celebrated with GrandBob and Suzette, Mimo and Aunt Anna, Uncle Ed and his girlfriend Jamie, and Jamie's parents, Richard and Lorrie.  A good meal and good time was had by all.  It turned into a beautiful day so we were able to get our Christmas pictures taken and Aunt Anna managed to capture 2 where everyone was looking in the correct direction and smiling.  An amazing feat!  She only had to take 63 pictures to get those two.  Not bad, ha ha. 

Friday morning Mimo and Anna and I braved the crowds and went Xmas shopping while Drew and Bob watched the kids.  I managed to get a few more presents so all was good.  Crowds don't bother me so I don't mind going shopping on Black Friday.  And yesterday I was able to meet my best friend, Carrie, in Greensboro for lunch and shopping while Drew watched the kids.  I got a few more presents and I'm really closing in on finishing my shopping.  Yeah, it's not even December!  I do appreciate my wonderful hubby watching the kids so much lately so I can get out for a little me time.  It does the mind and body wonders! 

Enjoy the pictures....but not the 2 good Christmas pictures :)  Gotta wait on those!

The kids love pushing the chairs around the kitchen.  This day they pushed them to the gate and looked all cute while sitting in them!

Lindy still isn't sure about Boo Boo Bear, but she is warming up to him by sitting with him.  Or on him.

We see who won the battle though.

Last week's church outfits.

I guess her braces aren't so bad if she willingly tries to put them on!

Silly boy on the couch.  This didn't last long.

Cute kiddos.

The kids LOVE these 200 foam blocks.  I don't love the fact that Will figured out how to unzip the bag and dump them, anytime he wants.  Basically whenever your back is turned.  But he has been building some awesome structures so it's neat to see. 

Someone else in our house likes the kids' chairs!

This is from Wednesday at Mimo's house.  The rocking chair they are sitting in is their great-grandmother's chair from when she was a little girl.  It was Mimi's chair, Mimo's mom.

Will is as tall as Drew!

Such a sweet picture.  Perfect height windows for him to gaze out of.

Lindy hanging with Uncle Ed.

Little E and even Littler E.  For any non-Wake fans, #31 was Eric Williams' number, also known as Big E. 

Lately when Will is on the changing table he'll throw one leg up and rest it on the other leg.  It immediately reminds me of a picture from when he was first born.  Of course I had to find it for comparison.  The first picture was taken when he was 19 days old and weighed 2lbs 4oz.  I don't know what he weighs today, probably 24+lbs. 

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