Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankful For.....

Today we are thankful for GrandBob and Suzette.  GrandBob and Suzette are Drew's dad and stepmom.  GrandBob and Suzette have come in very handy at all the Wake Forest football games this fall.  They help entertain the kids before the game by walking all around with them and playing with them.  More importantly they help entertain and hold them during the games.  We love that the kids have started a tradition of going to the football games with their GrandBob and Suzette.

We are most thankful for the love they show to Lindy and Will.  They have been right there sharing in every milestone the kids have conquered.  GrandBob thinks the sun rises and sets on little Willy Will, but he is also the first to tell us how pretty and amazing Lindy is.  We can just feel the love they have for our kids and it's special to see.

We couldn't have made it the last two years without the love and support of GrandBob and Suzette.

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