Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ida Who?

That is what I said when my mom asked if we were going to get any rain from Tropical Storm Ida.  I hadn't even heard about Ida.  72 hours and 10-12 inches of rain later we knew who Ida was.  And we are glad she is gone!  We spent most of the week inside because of the weather.  We even lost power one morning for a few hours.  The ground was so wet that trees were falling over on power lines. 

We had a relatively quiet week.  Lindy and Will got to spend all day with their Mimo last Saturday while we went to the Appalachian Sate football game with Drew's family.  Lindy had PT on Tuesday morning and she had hearing therapy on Tuesday afternoon.  Both went fine.  At PT they put a little piece of foam on the bottom of her brace on her right foot so that it shifts her weight back some.  It is supposed to help her pick her feet up better.  It definitely took some getting used to because she was stumbling all over the place but she's got the hang of it now.

This week in hearing therapy we worked on Lindy trying to pick two objects out.  She needs some practice at this.  Another day though I would ask her to make the dog jump or the airplane fly or the bunny walk.  She would pick the correct animal and make it do the correct action.  That's good listening!!  She has also started using the word more and the sign more to actually tell us she wants more of something.  Until now she will do the sign if we say the word more.  During many meals this week she has been doing the sign and saying more by herself to get more food.

She had an appointment to get new earmolds this week but it was cancelled.  Lindy is still messing with her hearing aides and ear molds all the time so I asked for new ones to be made.  We'll see if the next set is better.  Have I ever mentioned how much I hate getting new earmolds?

Lindy is adding to her list of words all the time.  I swear she almost says as much as Will now.  Some of it all sounds alike but Drew and I know what she is trying to say most of the time.  Her newest thing is saying 'what's that?'  Just like Will does.  So now I have 2 of them saying 'What's that?' all day long.  Except when Lindy says it, it doesn't sound anything like it should.  But she is pointing at something or holding something out to us and saying the same phrase each time.  It's clear that is what she is trying to say, even if it sounds nothing like it.  I've always heard the 'why?' phase kids go through is horrible but I can't imagine it's any worse than the 'What's that?' we hear ALL day long! 

Will's newest phrase is 'Hi boo.'  He's been saying it all week.  We aren't sure where it came from or what it means.  But he's been saying it a lot!  Something I have noticed is that whenever I tell Will I love him, he says 'bye bye.'  I've been testing him and he usually does it.  He associates me telling him I love him with me leaving to go somewhere!  Even if I'm just sitting in the kitchen and telling him.  Silly boy!  Will is peeing on the potty before almost every bath now.  He loves hearing the music the potty makes when he pee pees.  It's obvious he knows what to do when I tell him to go pee pee.  You can see him squeezing or pushing or something.  But he pees!  Maybe the real potty training will go smoother than I think?  Old Will has a nice bruise and cut on his forehead today.  He fell yesterday in the kitchen and his forehead hit the direct corner of the cabinet.  Poor guy.  I know that one hurt! 

We have noticed that Will is not really shy around people anymore.  He's come full circle.  He used to be so outgoing and then got shy around new people but he's back to being very outgoing.  For awhile there he would cry every time I left the kids in the nursery at church.  I ended up having to sneak out.  But lately I can just tell him bye bye and he tells me bye bye back and he's totally happy.  Lindy has never for one second cared about me leaving the nursery.  But she does tell me bye bye as well.  It's so nice to be able to have them tell me bye bye and be happy when I walk out.  There is one other little boy who is about a year younger and screams when his parents leave!

We finished up our weekend with our last home Wake Forest football game.  It was a gorgeous November day.  It was supposed to be around 70F but it felt more like 80F sitting in the sun.  The season was a bit of a dissappointment but we still had a great time going to the games.  The kids do remarkably well for us and that saved us a lot of money not having to get babysitters for the games. 

Enjoy some pictures from the week. 

Last Sunday's church outfits.

Will decided he didn't want his pictures taken.  My camera records the time.  This picture was taken at 9:12 (and 57 seconds).

And then got really mad.  This one was at 9:13am on the dot.

And everything was all better by 9:13am and 44 seconds. 

And everyone was really happy here.

Big girl woke up with a strange curl one morning!

We dressed warm on the cold and rainy days.

This is how Will tells me he is thirsty.  Hanging on the fridge.

When I tell Will to sit by Lindy for a picture he always sits down way in front of her.

But then he smiles really cute and everything is okay!

And Lindy always smiles really cute too!

One of the many reasons we used the Monkey See Monkey Do as the theme for their 2nd birthday party.

Laying on the floor is becoming a favorite pasttime around our house.
I just love one piece outfits on the kids!

This would be a perfect picture, if only Lindy wasn't on the way to picking her nose!

Always having a good time!

Will asking, "What's that?"

Daddy has started a new thing with the kids and now they want to do it all the time!  They're flying!

Are you ready for some football?  The last Wake Forest football game this season.

Love this picture!!


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Awwwww love the pics! They are to funny.

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So cute!!!! Love the pics where they are on the funny!