Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas with Bob and Suzette

Saturday, December 23rd, we headed to Mint Hill for Christmas with Bob and Suzette.  Because Molly and Corbyn had to leave early afternoon, we opened presents first thing when we got there.  The kids loved that!

The kids were super excited to open their first Christmas presents of the season.  They were both super excited to get Amazon Echo Dots.  I wish I could tell you how many times the word 'Alexa' has been uttered in our house since Dec. 23rd.  I wish I got paid every time Lindy says it.  She might possibly be ontrack to wear out her name.  They love them.  They play music and they ask questions and they talk to each other.  They even learned to call people from them.  (When they had friends over and they called their friends' moms.  And Nana.  And Lindy and her friend accidently called one of my high school friends and left a message - that went something along the lines of "Is this recording? I thought we were calling your brother.  This is the Southerns.  We can't answer the phone so don't bother us.  Alexa, hang up."  My friend forwarded me the message so we got to hear the whole thing!)  Needless to say, calling is no longer allowed in our house!  ha!  They got other fun presents, like a laser game and a Barbie and dog that has puppies, but Alexa is definitely the fave present from GrandBob and Suzette!

We enjoyed a nice lunch together and we played with Ellie outside.  It was a great first Christmas of 2017!

 Ellie got a cozy coupe!
 GrandBob and his Grand youngins
 Suzette playing the VR racing game!

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