Friday, December 22, 2017

Almost Christmas

Our final and last activity in our packed Christmasy fun weekend was the celebration of Lindy's special day.  Because her special day was on a Tuesday, we celebrated Sunday afternoon.  By her choice, we did the same thing we did last year.  We hung out with Ms. Marci and the dog she is training to be a guide dog.  Last year we hung out with a dog named Daisy and this year we hung out with a dog named Mae.  Mae is from the Guide Foundation for the Blind.  Ms. Marci brought Mae over to our house and Lindy got two uninterrupted hours of training Mae and giving her lots of belly rubs.  She pretty much asked Ms. Marci two hours of uninterrupted questions too!  Ms. Marci is so very sweet and kind to spend time with Lindy and she is so sweet with Lindy.  We are glad we've struck up a friendship with her and Lindy was so excited she was training a guide dog.

Lindy lost another tooth on Monday night, 12/18.  It had been loose for a few weeks and it's shocking she let it be in there that long.  Normally if she has a loose tooth she gets it out as fast as possible.  She enjoyed getting her dollar from the tooth fairy.

Lindy's actual special day, the day she came home from the NICU, was Tuesday, December 19th.  She woke to a handmade sign by daddy and balloons at her breakfast spot.  I went and ate lunch with her at school.  She chose her best friend, Josie, to sit with us.  Josie did sit with us for about 10 minutes but then her dad picked her up for a dentist appointment.  Then she went and got another girl, Sophia.  That night Lindy chose to go eat at Wendy's for her special day dinner.  I think she likes the Coke machine there - ha!  At least it was something different than McDonald's, their normal choice.  The kids sure do love their special days.  It is a special day for Drew and I and it's a day all to their own - not one they have to share with their sibling.

Wednesday night when I got home from school Lynn and I took the kids to Greensboro.  I needed to get a Xmas present from a store over there.  We ate dinner at Panera Bread and then we drove through the Sunset Hills neighborhood.  I've always heard about the balls they hang from the trees and wanted to see it.  To say we underestimated the amount of Xmas balls in tree is a true statement.  Street after street after street all had them up in their trees.  Everywhere you looked there were balls in the trees!  It was super cool to see them all. 

Our dog, Aiden, celebrated his 3rd birthday on December 20th.  Hard to believe we've had him almost 3 years.  We got him special treats from the pet store over the weekend so the kids gave him one in the morning and that evening.  I think he enjoyed his day.  ha!

I finished working on December 19th for the year and the kids finished school on December 21st.  We came home after school and I took Lindy to get her fingernails done.  She had gotten a gift certificate for her birthday so I thought some Christmas nails would be fun.  They did her nails with some cute snowmen and they made her wait for them to dry for ever.  I finally made an executive decision to leave since no one was coming to check on them.  They were super cute and she liked them.

We threw a change of clothes in a bag and we headed to my parents' house in Mooresville.  My sister and nieces flew in that evening and we all got to their house about the same time.  We dropped the dog off and then we all went out to eat.  We spent the night and the kids got to play together on Friday.  I think my mom, sister and I went and did some shopping.  We ate dinner and then the kids and I headed home that evening.

For Lindy's special day we had Miss Marci and Mae over!
Sweet Mae was so pretty!
 She enjoyed belly rubs more than she did training though!

 Her actual special day!
 Lunch with Josie
Dinner with Wendy.  ha!  Dinner at Wendy's! 
A small sampling of the Christmas light balls we saw
 Aiden's birthday!  One of his treats.  Practicing patience! 
 Getting her nails done!

 Aiden got a haircut and looked so handsome!

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