Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Morning at Home

We were woken up to Lindy screaming from the top of her lungs, "It's Christmas!"  Aunt Amy had told her to wake up at 5:30am so we were surprised she slept until 6:30am!  We got everyone up and moving and then we finally let them run to the fireplace to see if Santa had visited.

The kids both asked for robots this year.  Will asked for Cosmo and Lindy asked for Max.  Both are very neat and fun but the main difference is that Cosmo was already together and Max was not.  Max was in a million little pieces.  Santa also brought Will the game Risk and Lindy a dog with some outfits you can change.  Of course they got stockings full of junk too.

The kids plowed through their presents from us.  The wash cloths and clothes weren't too exciting for them.  Parents get to buy presents they need! ha!  But we did get them fun things too.  Will's big present from us was a real cash register.  He doesn't play imaginative play with toys or figurines, but he sets up all kinds of shops in his room.  Restaurants, stores, breweries (?!).  He is forever changing up what he is selling in his room.  I thought he'd love a cash register and I was right!  He does love it.  He mostly loves printing receipts to give to people.  He exhausted the first roll of receipt paper tape quickly and we had to make another order for more.   We had to read the manual to figure the thing out because it is a real working cash register but we got it.  He's learned how to program it and write messages on it.  He's enjoyed it.  We got Lindy a big vet set.  It's technically supposed to be for an American girl doll to play with but Lindy never plays with her doll so she just plays with it herself.

Santa's gifts!

 Patiently waiting.....



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