Sunday, September 15, 2013

First Boat Trip

The third week of kindergarten went off without a hitch.  It went by fast.  The kids had a couple later than normal nights and it was hard getting them up the next morning.  It’s hard getting them in bed so early.  We aim for 7:30pm each night and sometimes I wonder if that is early enough.

Monday I saw the kids for about 5 minutes while I tucked them in bed that night.  I had a committee meeting that evening and got home a little before 8pm.  It was one of their later nights.  It was basically a “Hi.  Let’s get in bed” meeting that evening.

Wednesday the kids had their first official tardy in kindergarten.  They both had dentist’s appointments at 8:30am that morning.  I’m not exactly sure why they did it but the same hygienist did them back to back instead of two different hygienists working on them at the same time.  It took longer than normal.  I am happy to report that Lindy did the best she has ever done at the dentist!  They were able to get x-rays on her, without gagging and throwing up!  She stayed in the big room with all the other kids instead of having to go to a small quiet room by herself.  She let the hygienist clean her teeth with no crying, gagging, throwing up.  She let the dentist check her teeth and put fluoride on!  She did awesome!  It was NORMAL!!  Will also did awesome – but he has always done awesome at the dentist.  Normally he has to fend for himself because we are with Lindy in a different room.  This time we actually sat and watched him get his teeth cleaned.  Both kids got great reports!  NO cavities!  The dentist said Lindy has a small mouth with crowding but we won’t do anything yet.  She is an orthodontist’s dream!  Thankfully her two new permanent teeth are really small which the dentist said works in her favor.  She said one of Will’s baby teeth is just the slightest bit loose.   I took them to school and walked them to their classes and then headed to see Lindy’s vision teacher, who had asked me to stop by.  I just love her.  I hardly know her but I love her!  I’m so glad they are at the school they are at and she is working with this vision teacher! 

Thursday I went to a volunteer meeting at the kids’ school and Thursday night I had a reception for work.  The senior vice president of research and global initiative at the March of Dimes was in town and speaking at a conference on Friday.  We, along with the two hospitals in town, hosted a reception for him Thursday night.  I thought he was awesome!  It was fascinating to hear all the research the March of Dimes is doing.  It’s awesome to hear where all the money we are raising, personally through our Million Dollar Babies team, and professionally through working at the March of Dimes, is going. 

While I was at the reception the kids were at my friend Katie’s house playing with Micah and Claire, while Drew went to the first PTA meeting of the year and then on to curriculum night.  Unfortunately there was only one of him and he had to pick a classroom.  He ended up choosing Lindy’s class because we probably need to know what’s going on in her class more than what is going on in Will’s class.  He said it lasted an hour and Lindy’s teacher just told them all about the day and their schedule and all kinds of information.   He stopped by Will’s class and picked up information about his class.  I wish I could have been in two places at one time!  The kids had a blast with Katie and the kids and Drew said they didn’t want to leave!

Drew talked to Lindy’s speech teacher on Friday afternoon and she said Lindy is doing really well.  Speech is definitely one of her therapies I was interested to see whether it would change.  She said she is making all her sounds, except a silent ‘th’.  She said she probably wouldn’t discharge her but she would be lowering her frequency a lot.  She was wanting more info on her vocal cord paralysis as well.  She did say Lindy was a delight to work with, which is always nice to hear.  We do have her first IEP with the new school scheduled for Wed. Sept. 25th.  Those are always a good time – ha.  Friday evening we had dinner at some church members’ house and boy it was awesome.  Soup, salad, main meal and dessert! We were stuffed when we got home!

Yesterday we headed to the Wake Forest football game with Bob, Suzette, and my parents.  Ed and Jamie were there as well.  We grabbed something to eat on the way and had a small tailgate.  It was chilly in the morning but it ended up being hot in the afternoon.  Wake was losing for most of the game and then had a chance to tie it with 4 seconds left in the game.  Too bad the receiver dropped the ball in the end zone.  ugggg.  It’s going to be a long season for the Deacs!  After the game we went to a surprise birthday party for our neighbor Doug.  He was turning the big 5-0.  We headed out for just a little while.  We didn’t stay long but they kids had fun playing with all the fun things. 

Today we had church and then the kids and I headed to Mooresville for our inaugural ride on the my parents’ boat.  The whole family was supposed to go but as we were packing the car, Drew locked us out of the house.  I randomly had the spare set of car keys in my purse.  The kids and I went on and Drew got to stay home and wait for a locksmith and do laundry.  The kids and I enjoyed our first ride on the boat!  We all got to drive, some with more help than others.  It was chilly again in the morning so we didn’t do anything water related.  Although once again it got hot in the afternoon.  The kids didn’t love having to wear life jackets the entire time but oh well.  We tried a little fishing and never even got a bite.  We’ll give my dad awhile longer to find the good fishing holes.  We gave the kids a quick bath and we ate a quick dinner and then we were on the way home.  Very short trip.   The kids were already in pjs and they hopped right in bed.

Here goes another full week.  Hopefully with early bed times and not so much going on in the evenings!

Until next week…

Trip to the dentist!IMG_2586Hanging in the x-ray room!IMG_2589Yay!  Acting like a big girl!IMG_2590Rock star like always!IMG_2591Our local March of Dimes staff with Dr. Joe Leigh Simpson, senior vice president of research and global initiatives.  IMG_2592Lindy was reunited with her buddy, Sparky.  He’s been sitting behind us at the football games for 3-4 years now.  He loves Lindy!IMG_2594Setting sail!DSC_4348DSC_4350DSC_4351DSC_4354First chance getting to drive.  He really liked driving.DSC_4355Watch out!  She wasn’t real interested in driving.DSC_4363She did like the binoculars though.DSC_4364Patience is not my kids’ strong suit.  Hence when we were fishing there was a lot of “Leave it alone” going on!DSC_4367DSC_4368DSC_4370DSC_4372IMG_2608Taking her for a spin!IMG_2610

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