Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vacation Bible School Week

Wow this week was busy.  On one hand it seemed long but we did a bunch of stuff which made it seem fast.  Strange.

Let’s see……The biggest excitement of the week was Vacation Bible School.  The theme was Welcome to Hometown Nazareth:  Where Jesus Was a Kid.  The VBS directors at our church go all out.  They had huge scenery backdrops in the sanctuary and every room had a popup tent decorated as part of the marketplace.  It was really neat.  I went around with Lindy and Will’s ‘tribe’ every night but one.  Drew was helping with the painting activity each night but we switched on Wednesday night and I helped with the activity and he went with Lindy and Will.  Each night they had the opening program and then we rotated through four stations.  We went to snack, games, Mary’s house for a story, and the marketplace for a hands on activity.  Then we met up again for the puppet show and closing activity.  The music with these VBS programs is so good.  We have the large screen in our church and they play the music and videos and the kids follow along with the hand movements and sing. 

Although it was a long week with late nights, it was just a great experience.  It didn’t get over until 8:45pm each night and it was 9:30pm before the kids were getting to bed.  They were wired each night so it was more like 10pm.  My kids are not used to staying up that late each night.  We were all dragging toward the end of the week but it was worth it.

Besides VBS, we also went swimming on Tuesday with our friends Katie, Micah, and Claire.  We met at 11am for a picnic lunch and then the pool opened at 11:30am.   It was a new pool we tried out but it worked pretty good for all our little ones.  The first part, which was really large, was 2 feet deep.  My kids could touch but they could easily pick their feet up and float in their puddle jumpers.  It worked perfect for me to take them swimming by myself.  We stayed 1.5 hours and then headed home for a nap. 

Wednesday morning we headed out to our old stomping grounds and met up with Mike and Janice and picked blueberries at Mike’s mom’s house.  We got 2 gallons of blueberries.  YUM!  Will actually did a really good job of picking blueberries.  He knew to pick only the blue ones and he did a good job.  Little Bit was a menace to the blueberry field.  She was picking anything she could find and she tried her hardest to dump our buckets with berries in them.  She was no help at all.  She finally went and hung out with Mike on the porch and then Janice went and watched both of them so I could get some serious picking done.  Will would pick a few and eat a few.  One time he ate one and then told Janice it was his favorite blueberry that he’d eaten!  I can’t wait to start cooking with those yummy berries.

Wednesday night we had the arrival of Nana, Papa, and Hayley!  Hayley stayed with my parents in Ohio since the anniversary party we had for my parents.  They got here right at the same time we got out of bible school so we met them at the ice cream shop for some ice cream.

Thursday was a busy morning for Lindy Lou but my mom came with me so it made it a lot easier on me.  First up she had her checkup with her ENT to see if she still had fluid in her ears.  A month ago we saw the ENT and she had fluid in her ears.  We treated her with allergy medicine and a nasal mist for one month and we went back to see if it was still there.  We were SO excited that her ears looked GREAT on Thursday.  The fluid was all gone!  The fluid was all allergy related.   We avoided getting tubes in her ears!  (If the fluid was still there she would have had to have gotten tubes.)  I know tubes aren’t really a big issue it’s just nice to not have to need them.  It seems like it’s one of the few breaks Lindy has actually gotten in her short life time.  Hey, we’ll take it!

We left there and ran a few errands and then headed back and had a PT appointment at 10am.  We saw our new therapist (who we saw while our old therapist was on maternity leave last year) and it went well.  She is pleased with Lindy and says we can wait 3 months and come back.   We worked on jumping and walking up the stairs  alternating feet. 

We got home and ate lunch and then we headed to our local science center.  Lindy, Will, and Hayley had a great time touching and playing with everything.  It’s not a huge place but it was about perfect for us.  We spent about 2 hours there and then headed home for naps.  That evening we headed back to VBS and Hayley got to come with us.  Lindy and Will were excited to have her come with us!  She stayed with us the whole night and I think she had a good time too.  It is the first time I’ve been alone with her and had to be solely responsible for her diabetes but we did it!  I figured out her carbs on her dinner and snack and we did great!  I was kind of proud of myself!

Friday morning my parents and Hayley packed up and took off and headed down to the beach. They met up with my sister, Lee, and Rylee that evening.  We spent the morning taking it easy and then we had a visit from Mimo, Corbyn, and Molly.  Mimo was bringing Corbyn and Molly back home after a week at her house so they came by to see us first.  We did naps and then the final night of bible school.

Whew – that was a lot to do in one week!  And through it all, Lindy has done great with potty training.  She told us every night at bible school she had to go potty and she usually did.  She pooped once in her pull-up on the first or second night but otherwise did great.  I wasn’t brave enough so she did wear a pull-up every night but she never peed in them.  And today we accomplished a major feat – in my book anyway.  We went to Target and ran another errand with Lindy in big girl pants!!!  She stayed dry and went pee when we got home.  She told me in Target she had to go so I took her to the potty but she didn’t go.  She still mostly uses a little potty so she isn’t real comfortable on a big potty.  She does sleep in big girl pants at naptime and she always stays dry in them.  She does have a wet pull-up every morning but I expect that for awhile.  We’re getting there, people!  We are getting there! 

And now loads of pictures of our week! 

Swimming on TuesdayDSCF0292DSCF0293DSCF0296DSCF0302The ‘puddle jumpers’ Will, Lindy, and ClaireDSCF0305Micah and WillDSCF0309DSCF0319Lindy making herself comfortable at bible school.DSC_0711It took a lot of convincing for Will to do the hand movements.  He told us that he’d do them when he was 4 years old – when he was bigger.  DSC_0713Each tribe had a different color bandura.  It ended up all kinds of crazy places on Lindy! DSC_0714Lindy did amazingly well with the hand movements.  She did great when she had someone near her that she could follow.DSC_0716Painting in Daddy’s room.DSC_0722DSC_0723Picking blueberries Wednesday morning.DSC_0740DSC_0742DSC_0746Helping Janice.  DSC_0752DSC_0756Just part of the haul we brought home!DSC_0757Do the cha cha slide with Miss Anna.DSC_0764Thursday afternoon at Sci Works with Hayley, Nana, and Papa.DSC_0773DSC_0777DSC_0780They had a cool piano you walked on.DSC_0785DSC_0790DSC_0795DSC_0805DSC_0808DSC_0810VBS with Hayley!DSC_0818One silly boy.DSC_0830Digging for rocks at the ‘quarry’DSC_0836Our preschool group.DSC_0839Lindy playing with Mimo and Molly.DSC_0860Making prayer quilt squares on the last night of VBS.DSC_0868The game on Friday was sprinklers and stomping balloons in a baby pool.  Thankfully they told everyone to bring a change of clothes!DSC_0883DSC_0886DSC_0889DSC_0903DSC_0905

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