Monday, July 25, 2011

Seashell Cruise

Wednesday afternoon we headed down to the Destin Harbor and we boarded the Explorer – a large pontoon boat that was going to take us out to look for seashells.  There really were no seashells on the normal beaches. 

We had a funny captain who took us out for a little ride in the Chocotawhatchee Bay.  The funny thing about this boat ride was that it had free beer and wine but you had to pay $1 for soda!  Go figure.

After our little ride our captain docked the boat and we got off and looked for shells.  Everyone kind of headed for the shore, because that is where you usually find seashells but the shells were actually just out in the shallow water.  Everyone was given a baggie and told you could fill it up but leave all the ones with hermit crabs in them.  Which was most of the shells we found!  It seemed like everyone around us was finding tons of shells but I wasn’t finding too many.  I decided to give up and started making my way back to the boat.  I got around the boat and started looking around and I found the mother lode of seashells!  We found a ton out by the boat that were really neat and didn’t have hermit crabs in them.  

Lindy and Will enjoyed the boat ride and playing in the water.  It was very shallow so they mostly played.  It was a nice little afternoon adventure for all the kids!

Got his fishing hat on and ready to go boating!DSC_1082DSC_1084DSC_1088Can you see the excitement in Drew’s face in the next two pictures?  I didn’t realize how excited he was until I saw these pictures SmileIMG_7426IMG_7427DSC_1097We went under the big bridge that connects Destin to Fort Walton Beach.DSC_1099DSC_1101DSC_1111DSC_1113And they’re off…… to find seashells!DSC_1115DSC_1126DSC_1131DSC_1132DSC_1139DSC_1147DSC_1152Another crazy Drew face.  He was full of them that day.DSC_1157DSC_1158IMG_7433IMG_7434IMG_7435There he goes again.IMG_7437DSC_1160DSC_1162They let the little kids ‘drive’ the boat.  Only Rylee and Lindy would drive.  Hayley and Will didn’t want to.IMG_7439Apparently right after this she put her feet up on the steering well.  The captain supposedly said something funny about her driving with her toes next.IMG_7441IMG_7445Our seashell haul!  Not bad, not bad!DSC_1169DSC_1170

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