Sunday, July 10, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I feel like I’ve spent all week playing catch-up from being gone a few days.  I’ve also been trying to organize my life better.  One might consider our lives and household already organized but I’ve just got this feeling that it could be a lot better.  I’ve been trying to go through cabinets and closets and get rid of stuff and better arrange other stuff. 

We haven’t really done much since we got back from Ohio.  We had breakfast with a group from church on Thursday morning and we went to a wedding Saturday afternoon.  Our friend Lauren got married in Jamestown.  It was a pretty wedding which we actually got to enjoy since they had childcare during the ceremony!

The only other exciting news is that Lindy has been doing awesome going pee pee in the potty.  She went all day Friday, all day Saturday and had one poop incident today.  Otherwise she’s peed in the potty, including twice at church this morning!!!  Friday afternoon Will and I ran upstairs for a minute but we heard the music the potty makes when someone uses it.  We ran downstairs and found Lindy sitting on the potty and she told us she had gone pee pee!  It was the first time she’d ever initiated going.  A little while later she came in and told me she had to poop and she did!  We’ve finally entered the stage where she is starting to tell us when she needs to go instead of me just putting her on the potty every hour.  We’re getting there!  We are definitely getting there!!!

That’s all I got for you, folks.  Well of course I have some pictures too!

Just a couple of cute kids!!DSC_0674DSC_0675I think someone should sue M&M’s and their slogan.  My daughter disproves the ‘melts in your mouth – not in your hand’ every time she gets one for going potty!  Somehow she had it all over her hands and face.DSC_0677The cutest Superman I ever did see!DSC_0682Peeing after the wedding on Saturday.DSC_0685Will was pacing and talking on the phone with his hand in his pants.  What a man!DSC_0688Lindy wore a hand me down today to church – something my sister sent her.  DSC_0693Hayley wore this outfit once upon a time!  I’m sure Rylee wore it too but I didn’t have a picture of it!Copy of 100_4232We picked our first tomatoes off of our tomato plants this afternoon.  Will has been pretty interested in them growing and turning red.  He ate two of them and said he liked them!  I was proud  he tried them and liked them!DSC_0697DSC_0699Lindy held it and then smashed it.  She doesn’t know what gentle means.  She tried one and immediately spit it back out.  DSC_0700Our first haul of tomatoes!  They are so tiny!  But we have lots more grape and regular sized ones growing.DSC_0703Will in front of our huge tomato plants!DSC_0706


Unknown said...
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The Buckley Family said...

Yeah Lindy with potty training!! Two of mine are finally pretty much trained, we still have them go every couple of hours but in between they've gotten good at telling us if they need to go. Now we need to tackle Annabel, from what I've read she may just to learn to always go at certain times vs actually ever getting the sensation to go. Not sure if I'll try her yet before baby comes or not, although it would be good to do it when she's home all day, we'll see. Should be interesting when we finally do!

Lif3AsuKnow32 said...

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