Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow Surprise!

We woke up to a surprise this morning! SNOW! They had talked about a possibility of flurries so I looked out the window at 6am and didn't see anything. When I got the babies up at 7am and opened their blinds, there was snow! Either I missed it at 6am or it snowed in that hour. We bundled the babes up, and took them outside for a photo op. Who knows if it will snow again. They looked so cute in their little mittens and toboggans!

We have had a pretty good week at the house with some good things happening. Last Sunday Will drank from his last bottle. He had been doing so well with the straw sippy cup that he wasn't needing any extras from a bottle! I found this strangely sad. I guess because this really means he is growing up. As much of a pain as it was, I still kind of liked holding him and giving him his bottle. The last few days he hasn't been drinking quite as good but he's drinking enough that we haven't had to return to the bottle. He's just making it a little more difficult for everyone involved.

Monday the babies went for the second Synagis shot and second follow-up booster flu shot. Poor babes got 3 shots that day (they are so big they have to get the Synagis in two shots). I do not think I've ever actually explained what Synagis is and why it is important. Preemies are often born before getting enough antibodies from their mothers to help fight RSV and other viruses. But preemies are also at greater risk for severe RSV disease because their lungs are less developed and their airways are narrower than those of full-term babies. Synagis helps preemies by providing more infection-fighting antibodies to help protect their vulnerable lungs from RSV.

If you remember from my post last week, we went to the SICC clinic and they told us that Lindy weighed 17lbs 5oz. I was a little disappointed that she hadn't grown much but what could I do. Well 4 days later she was weighed at the pediatrician's office before she got her shots and their scales said 18lbs 5oz! I couldn't believe there would be that much difference in scales. Will's weights were a lot closer together than Lindy's. Then Drew tells me that he thought they had read the scale wrong at the SICC clinic but he had never said anything. Anyway, Lindy really weighs 18lb 5oz and grew over a pound in a month! She's packing on the weight and trying to catch up with Will!

Will's 5th tooth finally broke through the surface on Monday as well. His one shining upper tooth is about to be joined by 2 more soon. He's working on more, I just can't really tell where they are coming in.

We have seen a lot of changes in Will this past week. Some good, some bad. He has really started having temper tantrums, which I consider to be very bad. I usually block off the living room area with our coffee table but he has fought all week long to get around it. I finally had to move it to start giving him a little more freedom. That means baby proofing other areas but he does seem a bit happier. Now he is mainly just throwing fits in his high chair. Meal times with Will aren't too quiet or fun anymore. He's eating, I guess that's a positive but he's protesting something. The other changes are that his comprehension seems to be really shining. One day this week he took a book out of the toy basket and he returned it to the changing table where we normally keep it. Another big thing I've noticed is that when I say, "Where's Jack?" or "Where is your car?" or "Where is the clock?" he looks in the right direction. He looks at the wall for the clock and goes and gets his car. He looks for Jack all around the room. It's fascinating to see their little minds working and starting to understand. Now he just needs to take the long awaited step and say the long awaited first word!!

Will did get evaluated by our early intervention specialist on Thursday. He was right on track with his adjusted age of 12 months in all but one category. In the adaptive skills category he was actually on track with his real age of 15 months. Way to go Will! We are proud of him.

Enough about Will, onto Lindy! Most of her appointments were cancelled this week. She has had a couple positive things this week as well. Finally last Sunday she sucked from the straw bottle! After months of offering her the straw bottle and squeezing a little bit at a time in her mouth, she finally sucked!!! Then she didn't do it again until Wednesday. The last day or two she is doing it a little more consistently. We are still a ways from getting her off a bottle, but she made a huge step in our endeavor!

The other developmental step she took is that she has figured out how to sit up from laying on her back and belly! She figured out how to do it on the changing table last week but that was easier because she has the side to hold on to. We've worked all week with her and on Thursday she finally made it up by herself! She has to work pretty hard at it but she has done it numerous times since. Actually another step she's made this week is to figure out how to go from sitting to her belly. Neither of these two movements are very pretty, but they work for her and she'll only get better with time! Of course we are proud when Will does new things but I think our hearts almost burst with pride when Lindy does new things. There was a time not too long ago when we weren't sure she would be able to do these kind of things. She constantly amazes us.

That sums up our week here at home. We bought the babies their big Christmas gift today and they are so cute! You'll have to stay tuned until Christmas to find out what it is! Enjoy our pictures.

Will's temper tantrums mad face.
The Little Cowboy was happy in his high chair this time. A rarity these days. "I'm still a rock star, I got my rock moves," sings our Little Pink Rockstar.


Mimo said...

Go Babies!!!! You're right about being proud of Will, but Lindy is such a little miracle. Try leaving the tray off Will's high chair and pushing him up to the table. His father refused to sit in the high chair pretty early. We used to have to stack several phone books on a chair for him. Sorry, he seems to have inherited a few of Drew's weird genes.

Joey said...

Great pics! And congrats on Will and Lindy's wonderful progress - can't wait to see you all again soon!