Sunday, November 9, 2008

Enjoying the Fall Colors and Leaves

While Drew and I were having a great time in Florida last weekend, the babies got to spend time with all their grandparents. My parents, Nana and Papa, came on Thursday night and watched them Friday until Sunday. Grandbob and Suzette came up on Saturday to see them too. Papa went with Grandbob to the Wake football game and Suzette helped Nana babysit. Then on Sunday morning Mimo and Aunt Anna came and took over watching the babies until we got home on Tuesday. Lindy stayed up a bit late a few nights but otherwise we heard they did great.

I called home on Saturday and my mom said, "Lindy's doing so well at patty cake." Excuse me? When did Lindy start to patty cake?! Even though I work on this all the time, it took a fresh face for her to start doing it. And boy is she cute when she does it. Will has been clapping but had never actually done it in response to us saying patty cake. Not to be outdone, he decided to clap to patty cake last weekend as well. We've been patty-caking a lot this week!

There hasn't been too much excitement this week. Lindy had her vision teacher here on Wednesday and that was our only appointment. Drew and I have been trying to play catch up all week from being gone for those few days. We've enjoyed a trip to Hanging Rock State park this week. Hiking over 2 miles is much more difficult with 18 pounds of baby strapped on you! But we saw some pretty leaves so it was worth it. We've been out enjoying some warm temperatures and playing in the leaves when possible this week. Next week looks a lot busier with appointments.

Hiking at Hanging Rock
Checking the view from Wolf Rock.
Checking out a turtle we saw on the trail.

A silly girl playing in the leaves in our front yard.
Will was a little freaked out by the leaves. For awhile he wouldn't touch them and he wouldn't put his left foot down. The foot up in the air was so funny. As usual he got over it and had fun playing in the leaves. And I just noticed that Lindy is trying to eat the leaves in this picture!
A cute picture of Will.
Doesn't Will look a lot bigger than Lindy in this picture? (Left foot still in the air!)

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