Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fun in the Florida Sun

Drew and I went to Florida last weekend for a wedding and a couple extra vacation days. We had a wonderful trip. Drew performed the cermony for our friends Scott and Kelly. Would you believe that I forgot to take my camera to the wedding? It was in the beautiful courtyard of the Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota, FL. We had a great time seeing Wake Forest friends.

Sunday we went to Turtle Beach and got to kayak and just relax on the beach with Drew's friend Davis. It was the first time I've ever touched the Gulf of Mexico. We were also able to go see the white sands of Siesta Key beach. The sand is white and powdery. Very neat. Monday we went shopping and back to Siesta Key beach to watch the sunset. It was so gorgeous.

Although we hated to leave FL we were very ready to come home and see our sweet babies! We really missed them!

Drew kayaking in the Sarasota Bay

Drew and Davis, one of his roommates from Wake.
The white sands of Siesta Key Beach.
A self-portrait with the sunset.
The amazing sunset at Siesta Key Beach.

On some other websites I had seen where people had written their children's names in the sand. This website does it for babies who have passed away. I went to the beach on Monday knowing I was going to write Adam's name in the sand and try to get a pretty picture. I decided I should do Lindy and Will's names as well.


Angie C. said...

Hey there! I'm jealous you were in Sarasota! I've been going there all my life b/c I have family there- it is WONDERFUL! The ringling mansion is gorgeous and Siesta Key is my favorite beach ever!!! Glad you got to enjoy a wonderful getaway to a wonderful place!!! Love the names in the sand thing by the way-

Anonymous said...


lauren said...

Love the sand pics and glad you had a good time!

bvwatts said...

Love the babies names in the sand. Glad you had a good time.