Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Into February

February started with the Winston-Salem March for Babies Kick Off bright and early on 2/1.  Normally it would just be another work thing for me, but I roped the kids into taking part.  They got up and both spoke during the Kick Off.  It was a hit.  Some of their nurses and doctors were there so it's always nice for them to see them doing well.  The kids did a great job!  They enjoyed being tardy to school! ha!

That same day, Lindy started a new art class.  My friend Jess told me about it because her daughter did it last fall.  Lindy loves to draw.  She does a ton of it.  There are pictures all over our house.  In an effort to expand their horizons, I signed her up for art and Will up for piano lessons.  Mimo gets to do the shuffling of kids on Wednesday afternoons and we are thankful she can help us out.  She gets Lindy to art and then gets back home for piano lessons.  I have been picking Lindy up from art.  She is having a good time.  There are four kids total in there which is great for Lindy.  She can get extra help if she needs it.  The teacher is really nice and sweet and making it work for her!

Both kids had friends over to play on Friday, Feb. 3rd.  They all had fun but the girls played so quietly in Lindy's room that it would have been easy to forget they were here!  I used to just let one invite a friend over at a time but I'm not doing that anymore.  What was I thinking.  I always had the one that didn't have a friend over staring at me.  This time they were both entertained and I got some stuff done!

Saturday, February 4th was a big day for Drew and Lindy.  They attended their first Father-Daughter Dance.  I had found Lindy the cutest dress to wear and we even got her hair done!  Our friends, Jess and Larkin, picked us up and we went to get the girls hair done.  They both acted miserable but the little smile that crept on Lindy's face when she saw her hair was so cute.  Her hair turned out so cute!  We headed home, she got something to eat and then she got ready.  We took pictures and off they went to the dance!  There was a slight mishap since I forgot to give Drew the tickets and they seriously almost didn't let him in, even though his name was on the list, but they finally did.  Drew said Lindy was excited - a little too excited.  He said they started dancing as soon as they got there and when Jump Around came on - well she jumped around too much.  She wore herself out.  She got super tired and told Drew her heart was beating really fast.  They ended up resting for a pretty long time after that.  They did a few other things - got some cute (and expensive) pictures.  They talked to friends, danced some more, and then they ended up leaving a bit early.  They learned a valuable lesson - to pace themselves when dancing.  As Drew said, "it's a marathon, not a sprint."  

While Drew and Lindy were out partying, Jess and I took our boy children to a bounce house in Greensboro.  Ollie is almost 3, but Will didn't care.  He zoomed around the place, having a blast.  It was a fun evening for all.

Sunday evening was the Super Bowl and we sure are glad we stayed awake for that!  What a game!  Ever since we lived in Vermont, I've been a Patriots fan so I was happy!

The next week was pretty normal and boring.  Aiden had a vet appointment for his yearly exam on 2/8.  Lindy had a cold most of the week.  Will got it Thursday afternoon.  We went to Lynn's for dinner on Friday 2/10.  I knew Will didn't feel great but he ended up throwing up once over there, once in the middle of the night and once Saturday morning.  It was strange.   He took it easy Saturday and was feeling better the next day.  I headed to Raleigh on Saturday afternoon to go to a birthday party.   My bestie from high school turned 40 back in January.  Fourteen days before me.   She had a party planned in January but it was the weekend we got all the snow so it was postponed.  I rode with another high school friend and we stayed at another high school friend's house so that was fun to see my old gang.  We came home around lunchtime Sunday but by then I wasn't feeling well. 

I actually missed the play we had tickets to on Sunday afternoon.  Drew, Lindy, Will and Ms. Martha went to see The Miracle Worker, the story about Helen Keller.  They said it was really good.  Lindy loves Helen Keller but she didn't love the play.  Drew didn't think she could see a lot and there were loud sounds.  They went to the lobby for awhile and then ended up sitting in the back for the end of the play.  I hate I missed it. 

Putting the kids to work!

 Getting her hair did for her big date!
 Lindy and Larkin
 Look at this precious doll baby!  She looked like Shirley Temple!
 Look at the little smile when she's looking at herself!

 It was so cool!
 Our girl, all dolled up, in her Wake Forest dress!

 She was really feeling it that night!

 Awww, what a sweet couple!

 Love this pic of them! 
 Will on the move!  He never stopped for 2 seconds!

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