Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Finishing up January

We got home from NYC on January 17th.  We divided and conquered and both went grocery shopping.  That evening we went to tail wagging tutors at the library.  They have a therapy dog that kids can read to.  I signed both kids up but only Lindy really cared or enjoyed it.  The dog was super cute and sweet.

My birthday was on Wednesday, January 18th.  It was a usual day at work followed by dinner out with my family, and some yummy cake made by Drew.   The actual day wasn't too exciting actually.

That Friday night we went to the Bryants' for dinner and to hang out.  The kids enjoyed playing and it's always nice to see friends.  Saturday Lindy and I had a girls day.  We did a couple errands first but then we headed to the new Humane Society that opened the end of 2016.  We spent an hour going from the dog to cat rooms and back again.  They had puppies out that she got to play with but dang, they had some claws on them.  They had some toys they were able to play with which helped.  They were cute but we were only there to check out the new place.  Lindy loved getting to spend time there. 

That weekend we set up one of Lindy's Xmas presents - a fish tank.  We got it all ready on Saturday and then we got the fish on Sunday.  She got two guppies and named them Wake and Forest.  We managed to keep them alive for almost a month and then Forest has since gone to fishy heaven.  Wake is still swimming though.  He's hanging on!

The kids had Monday, January 23rd off of school for a teacher workday.  Lynn came over to watch the kids.  They had a lazy rainy day in their pjs.  I was jealous!  They didn't have a full week in January until the last week of the month.  It wasn't a tough January for the kids. 

We had a fun last weekend in January.  My parents came over on January 27th - which happened to be my dad's birthday!  We went out for a yummy dinner and then we came back to our house for birthday dessert - a key lime pie.  My dad wasn't feeling his best from a cold but we still managed to celebrate.

Saturday we went to visit Anna and Brian in Martinsville, VA.  They moved there last summer and we hadn't been to visit yet.  We met them at the Virginia Museum of Natural History for a special ice age exhibit they had going on.  We had a fun time in the museum and then we went for lunch. We finished the afternoon checking out their place and playing Mario Kart.  It's barely an hour away so it was a great day trip. 

Reading to Charli the laid back pup!

 My birthday!

 Dinner at the Bryants'!
 Our trip to the Humane Society

 Cute - but just visiting!

 Dinner out Friday night for Dad's birthday

 Singing to the old man
 A new chair for Papa

 At the Virginia Museum of Natural History

 Lindy loving on Nugget

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