Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In Like a Lamb

The first day of March was calm but every other day last week was pretty lionish!

Let’s see what went on at the end of Feb. and beginning of March.   Tuesday we had gymnastics.   Afterwards, it was so pretty outside that we played with a new bubble machine which was pretty fun.  The bubble BBQ provided an hour of entertainment for the kids. 

Wednesday we had music class.  Will was very interested in February having 29 days this year.  He knew all about it usually having 28 days.  He was equally excited to turn his calendar to March! 

Thursday was another beautiful day so in the afternoon we headed to the park.  It was nice at first because there were only a couple other kids there.  We could tell when school got out because it got crazy crowded.  The park has a little pond so we took a walk down by the pond and then headed out.  We headed to Sonic and treated ourselves to happy hour slushes.  On the way to Sonic we passed a big church that had an empty playground so we headed back to it to play a little longer.  It was nice to have it to ourselves.  We didn’t end up staying long because Lou had to go to the bathroom.  We’ll definitely try it again though. 

Friday night we decided to go to IHOP for dinner and we ended up running into an entire group of folks from our old church!  We ended up eating dinner with them.  We love this group so it was really nice to catch up with them! 

Saturday morning we had a United Methodist Women’s event at church.  Drew went up to say the opening prayer and came home and then I went up for a little while.   I left that and headed to meet up with three friends from high school for a girls’ afternoon at a local winery.  We ended up having so much fun!  Carrie, Wendy, Jamie and I met for lunch at the winery.  It took forever but we didn’t really care!  After lunch we took a tour of the winery and then we headed to the tasting room.  The tour was pretty neat because this place was so incredibly nice.   It was a blast to hang out with my friends!  After we left the winery I ran a couple errands and met up with Wendy and another friend Bridget for dinner.  Bridget moved last year but was back in town so it was nice to catch up.  I was beat after a full day of fun with friends!  Wish we could do it every weekend!  None of us live in the same town so it’s hard to get everyone together!

And now for the pictures…

The Bubble BBQDSC_0661This is a crazy picture of this crazy girl!DSC_0663DSC_0682She said she had her football helmet on.DSC_0687My girl likes to read magazines and do her business!DSC_0690Pretty girl!DSC_0692Queen BeeDSC_0693Snuggling with my boy.DSC_0694Pretending to be asleep!DSC_0696

Jamie and CarrieDSC_0697Wendy and IDSC_0698The gang at Childress WineryDSC_0709BFF4L!DSC_0712DSC_0727

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