Sunday, June 5, 2011

IEP’s, Fevers, Surprises, and Swimming

Tuesday started off with Drew and I going to observe a More at Four classroom while Aunt Jamie watched Will.  We were at the class for about an hour.  We liked the classroom and the teacher a lot, but the playground scared me.  It was not for preschoolers or little bitty kids (like Lindy).  We were home for lunch and then Janice came to watch the kids so Drew and I could go to her IEP meeting.

The IEP went well and I really feel like we wrote an INDIVIDUALIZED educational plan.  They asked what Lindy needed and they made it happen.  We were totally under the impression that Lindy could not go to her hearing impaired  preschool classroom next year because she has closed the gap on her language delay.   Well it turns out you can’t go 5 days a week if you don’t have a year language delay.  We still wanted Lindy to get that hearing impaired instruction but we also wanted her around typically developing students.  We ended up doing both.  We got the best of both worlds.  Lindy is going to go back to her hearing impaired classroom two days a week (Tues. and Thurs) for all her hearing impaired therapy and for her speech therapy.  Then she is going to go to school with Will on M/W/F.  She will receive vision therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy at Will’s school (now Will AND Lindy’s school).  The best part of this entire plan is that she is keeping the same 5 therapists she has from this year.  It took her awhile to warm up to them this year so it’s awesome we don’t have to start over with them all.  I think this continuity of therapists and therapy will be huge.  Hopefully Lindy will adjust fine to the two different schools a week.  She loves going to ‘Will’s school’ so hopefully she’ll do fine with that too.  We had no clue this was an option but we were happy that the head preschool lady suggested it!

Tuesday evening Lindy plopped in my lap and just sat still.  An immediate warning sign that something is up.  I was on the phone and she wasn’t pawing at the phone – another sign that something was wrong.  She had a fever and acted like she didn’t feel too well.  I got them ready for bed and put them down and not long afterwards she was up crying and then gagging, and then throwing up.   Thankfully I had the trusty throw up bucket (which now lives in the kids’ room)  and caught most of it.  She never ended up throwing up again but she had a low-grade fever all night and into Wednesday morning.  She stayed home from school on Wednesday.  I never figured out what it was but she was fine by Wednesday evening. 

Wednesday evening we drove to Charlotte for a surprise retirement dinner for Drew’s mother.  She knew she was going out to eat but she thought it was with just a couple teachers from school.  Surprise!  She had some church friends, other teachers, and her family there!  We had a great dinner and got home late.

We had a quiet weekend but a very productive weekend.  We got lots of things done around the house.  Yay us!  Today we had church and then we played with our neighbors up the street.  We played in their pool and then had a cookout.  It’s great having new friends in the neighborhood that we can just walk to their house.  Will and Elia play really well together.  Lindy kind of does her own thing.  She fell a million times this afternoon.  She gets going too fast and isn’t that steady in her crocs.  Thankfully she bounces back very fast. 

I guess we did more this week than I remembered!  Here are some pictures.

This is the toy that keeps on giving.  We’ve had it forever and they still have fun riding it around the house.  It started out as a walker.  The first thing Will ever took steps behind! DSC_9356This girl is high on life.  And obsessed with this purse.DSC_9353DSC_9359Will’s most recent ‘trains.’  The people were lined up on the coffee table and jumping on the train.DSC_9361Mr. Blue Eyes!DSC_9364Love that little profile!DSC_9373DSC_9378I love this picture!DSC_9382DSC_9390The kids had snack in the garage Sat. morningDSC_9392while watching Daddy wash my car!  Thanks Drew!DSC_9394Our church had a yard sale that we went by and checked out.  We came home with a telescope.  It has been the source of many fights this weekend!DSC_9395Will finally mastered pedaling the tricycle all by himself all over the garage!DSC_9397The kids had their first ice cream sandwiches Sat. night.  Will stayed relatively clean.DSC_9401Lindy did not.DSC_9402DSC_9405Church outfits this morning.DSC_9408DSC_9410He looks long and lanky in this picture.  He also looks like he has big feet!DSC_9411DSC_9416DSC_9418Swimming this afternoon with the neighbors.  She had as many flotation devices as she could find.  It was the first time using the puddle jumpers and we liked them!  DSC_9421I had to literally force it on Will.  He is so hesitant of anything new.  I knew he’d like it once he got in because he could ‘swim’ around without us with it on.DSC_9424DSC_9429DSC_9432Just a funny picture of the kids in their puddle jumpers!DSC_9437


Amanda said...

We just got Puddle Jumpers, but haven't tried them out yet (it's still cold and rainy here - hello, Summer??). I'm glad to see they work well; I'm excited to try them out!

pohren said...

I want to get those life jackets for the twins, glad you like them!
Will and Lindy are growing up, cuties as always!

Holly Ann said...

That's so great about how the IEP meeting went! I'm meeting for my daughter's end-of-the-year IEP meeting this Tuesday and hoping for just as positive of an outcome. :)

Btw, I'd love it if you came over to check out my brand new blog hop: Twins Plus One, Three Times the Fun

Thanks so much!

The Buckley Family said...

LOVE the puddle jumpers, we had them last year already and helps so much to allow the kids (and parents) to have fun! Awesome about Lindy and her IEP, sounds like you are also in a great district with people that truly care and look after your kids! And you are right, Will does look tall and lanky in that one pic! : )


Johanna said...

I need to invest in some of those puddle jumpers! Found you via the bloghop on M&M - I have three year olds too. :)

Anonymous said...

Your kids are getting so big and grown up! I think they will be in the same grade as our Emma! They are looking so tall and mature!

Amanda Pollard