Friday, February 8, 2008

Eating Crow (For Now)

What a week. This has been our worst week since we have had the babies home and Wednesday was by far our worst day. It seemed that last weekend and the beginning of the week that everyone was fussy. Even chill Will was bordering on fussy. It was getting really old having both of them going all the time. Then they would tag team. One would calm down and the other one would start up. I think I actually saw Will give Lindy the high five and mouth the words, "Your turn."

Will seems to have developed a big baby cry. He used to have this little baby cry that we used to think was sweet. Now he thinks he needs to turn up the notch a bit. It is hard to tell sometimes if there is something wrong or if he is just messing around. Sometimes he does have bad gas pains but other times he is wailing away and then he will stop and smile at you. Sometimes he is just playing.

We think we must have been starving Lindy. We had been giving her 4 ounce bottles but we now think it wasn't enough. On Thursday we started giving her some 5 ounce bottles and she was a whole new child. After such a horrible Wednesday, she was the best I've ever seen her on Thursday! Go figure! She played on the playmat for 1.5 hours without fussing at all. The best part of the day was when I was walking by her and Drew and I leaned down and gave her a kiss. She smiled at me!!! I kept kissing her and she kept smiling at me! Those sweet smiles help make up for the horrible week we were having. She has been a great little girl today too. More smiles today for us and an overall happy camper. So I'll eat all the crow I was talking about from earlier in the week. For now. Bedtime didn't go so smoothly tonight and she is still in her bed trying to decide whether she wants to sleep or pitch a fit.

She had another busy week. We had an occupational therapist come to the house Monday. She is going to start coming every other week. We are just going to work on stretching her thumbs and changing her positions a lot during the day. We are also going to work with introducing texture into their mouths in the form of our fingers or baby wash clothes. This will help once we start giving them cereal and baby foods. A lot of preemies have oral aversions because of the endotrachael tubes they had in their mouths for so long. We really hope we can avoid oral aversions. Some of the problems I have read about on the internet do not sound fun. She also had an appointment with a nutrionist and she got her monthly Synagis shot (for RSV) this week. She did not like the shot but recovered pretty quickly. They also got a urine sample to test for a urinary tract infection, thinking this could be the cause of the earlier fussiness. So far it looks fine.

Next week she has 4 appointments, 5 if you incude the home health nurse visit to the house. I long for a nice quiet week without doctors' appointments.

Here are some new pictures. Have a wonderful weekend!

Our first sibling fight?? Will is grabbing Lindy's outfit! I can just hear it now, "He's touching me!"

A rare picture of me! I'm usually the one taking all the pictures. Drew's mom, who was here for the weekend, took it.
We cooked up some homemade outfits for the Super Bowl. The babies and I wanted the Patriots to win. Drew was rooting for the Giants. Now that I think of it, maybe Will wanted the Giants to win too. He pooped on his little outfit TWO times that day!

Our little deadly duo, Brady and Moss. Lindy wanted the Brady jersey, she thinks he is cute :)

Will really got into watching the Super Bowl this year. He is just a regular man in this picture (check out his right hand!)

Mimo was here all weekend to help take care of the babies. Drew took the youth group on a winter retreat and I wasn't about to try this alone for an entire weekend. We were very thankful Mimo was here because that is when the babies started acting up!
We had a couple nice warm days this past week. I thought Lindy looked pretty in her lime green outift.

We think Lindy must have had her arm around her imaginary friend in this picture.
Doesn't Will look cute? Sweet little outfit, from the front..............
Until you turn him around and see it was absolutely covered in POOP!!! He pooped all up his back! Not being a very smart mommy, I didn't ever realize it until I had fed him half a bottle. I stopped to burp him and when I started patting his back I felt something damp and squishy. I turned him over and found this mess. It was so gross!! He went straight for the bathtub. There is no good way to get a poop filled onesie off a baby. We threw the onesie away. He was getting too big for it and we had no urge to scrub that much poop out of it!!

The poop shot pretty much sums up our week! It has been better the last couple days. I hope it stays this way!!


Melanie said...

Oh! I remember those breastmilk blowouts all too well! They go absolutely everywhere! I am glad you thought to take a picture. I never did that, and I swear sometimes I think we were both covered in it! The whole family needs a bath after one of those. They need to make whole body diapers for when a baby is on breastmilk because regular 'ol diapers just don't seem to cut it! LOL! Keep the posts and pictures coming! I love hearing about those babies - the good, the bad, and oh yes...the ugly!

Meg said...

Maybe you don't check the comments on old posts. I don't remember how i got routed to your post. In the picture of Lindy, where you think she has her arm around an imaginary friend, the first thing I thought was that she had her arm around Adam. Maybe she knows and sees more than us short-sighted adults do.
Your kiddos are precious.

Anonymous said...

Found out a cool trick.. the head opening doubles as an extra way out. It has saved me so many times with poopy blowouts. Oh and if it doesnt slide down that means they have grown out of it. I know they are much older now and probably dont need this info- but for future mommies can look at it :)