Sunday, May 27, 2018

Jamie's Birthday and Snow

The second week of January started and the kids had an early release.  One week of delays and then an early dismissal.  Not too bad a way to start back to school.  I'm sure the teachers hated it!

On Martin Luther King Jr. day, I took the kids to see the Greatest Showman at the movie theatre.  We met up with Katie, Micah and Claire at the movies.  We enjoyed it, especially the music.  We enjoy any day off of school and work!

The kids had school on Tuesday, January 16th and then were out of school for the rest of the week.  A small accumulation forecast turned into a few inches of snow and days off of school.

That means I got to spend my birthday working from home, snowed in with two kids!  Exactly like I dreamed it!  ha!  Exactly how I imagined 41 would start.  We did venture out for dinner that night to the 66 Pizzeria.  We had a tasty dinner and went home for cake.  Drew made me my favorite cake, chocolate cake with rainbow chip frosting.

Friday the kids had to come to work with me for awhile and then we went out to eat with Ed, Jamie and Ellie.  Jamie had a haircut in town so Ed and Ellie came to hang out and then we all went to dinner.

Saturday my parents came over to visit and to help us out with a Santa gift.  Lindy received a robot for Xmas and Max had yet to be put together.  I thought it something right up Papa's alley so they came over on Saturday afternoon.  Four hours later, Max was put together.  Papa worked so hard to get it together.  It was in a million pieces and it would have been months before Drew and I would have sat down and done it!  We were super super thankful for Papa!  Mom and I went out to run some errands while Papa was working.  We went out to an Italian restaurant for dinner.  We celebrated my birthday and my dad's birthday, which was January 27th. 

The little snowstorm
 Snow cream!

 Happy birthday to ME!

 Papa working on Max

 The birthday kids!


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