Sunday, January 27, 2013

Boring Week

This has been a boring week around here.  The kids didn’t have school on Tuesday because of a teacher workday.  Since they got Friday off for a snow day, that made for a five day weekend.  A somewhat long five day weekend.  The kids are in super fighting mode these days.  When we were out they were fairly good but when they were home – they were fighting. 

I worked from home Tuesday and then I headed out of town early Wednesday morning for a two day work retreat.  I rode with my co-worker Velvet and we got to Raleigh around 9am Wednesday morning.  We had a full day of meetings and then dinner that night and another full day of meetings on Thursday.  We finished at 3pm on Thursday and I got home around 5:15pm Thursday evening. I ate quickly and then headed out to choir practice with the kids. 

While I was gone Drew did something new for the first time ever.  He had to do Lindy’s hair!  I put her hair up every weekday so that it doesn’t hang in her eyes at school.  She has enough going against her at school that she doesn’t need that problem.  So he had to put her hair up.  He put it in pig tails on Wednesday and a pony tail on Thursday.  He didn’t take pictures unfortunately.  Sure would have loved to have seen it! 

Friday we had another forecast for winter weather.  It was supposed to start around 12pm so the preschool asked all parents to pick up their kids by 11am.  We left for school on Friday morning and 5 minutes from our house it started sleeting.  It sleeted the entire way to school.  By the time I came out from dropping them off the parking lot was covered.  I headed on to work and thankfully a few minutes later it stopped.  I worked until 12pm and came home.  A few minutes after I was home it started raining.  The rest of the afternoon we had a mixture of snow, sleet, and freezing rain.  Drew ran to the grocery store around 2pm and he had trouble getting the car back up the driveway when he got home.  It took him about 7 tries to get it in the garage.  He got a little farther each time and finally got it in, thankfully without hitting his car on the way!  We stayed warm and safe inside the rest of the day and night. 

Saturday morning our rode and driveway had a sheet of ice on it until early afternoon.  It finally warmed up and started melting.  We ended up meeting Ed, Jamie, and Molly at a restaurant for dinner. 

Today we had church and the kids and I ran to Walmart.  It was a bad trip that ended in lots of fighting.  Uggg.

The only other events of the week are that both the kids got a cold.  Will’s nose started running like a faucet on Tuesday morning.  It ran with a vengeance all day.  Thankfully it slacked up the rest of the week.  His voice sounded funny the rest of the week but otherwise he’s been okay.  Lindy started sounding a little junky Thursday evening.  Friday evening she was stuffy and coughing a little bit.  She ended up in our bed and Drew and I split the night with her.  She has acted completely fine and has had no fever.  Thankfully she slept well last night.  At the first sign of a cold I start her on albuterol.  Hopefully that is helping.

The other new development this week has been the advent of Will lying.  3 times now he has lied to us.  Every single one of them has been in relation to something he did to Lindy.  She comes crying and says “Will pushed me.”  Then we have asked Will and he has told us “No, I didn’t.”  It’s quite easy to catch him in these little lies because you can kind of see him thinking about his answer.  One time we had them reenact the entire situation and we made Will show us what he did.  He said he put his arms on her chest and did this, as he was demonstrating that he pushed her.  Ugggg.  We have had some serious discussions. I know it’s something new he is trying out but I’ve let him know that we tell the truth.  We’ll see if he continues on.

But he is still a good boy.  He asked us one night “How do you say above in English?”  I thought it was so funny!

Lindy has taken to singing.  She makes up songs about everything lately!  She is a hoot that always keeps us entertained.  She LOVES to help us.  In fact she cried tonight when I wouldn’t let her help me make pancakes.  She wants to help with everything we do.  She also wants grown up things lately.  Grown up fork and knife. 

I took hardly any pictures this week. 

Saturday Drew and I dusted the house and she insisted on helping.  She followed us around until we gave her her own rag and let her dust behind us!DSC_0378Silly nut.DSC_0379Before church today.  DSC_0380I LOVE a sweater dress.  On little girls, not on me!DSC_0386DSC_0387Something was funny!DSC_0388DSC_0390

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow and My Birthday

I forgot to write a blog post this week.  Just plain forgot.  I guess that happens when you get old.  Speaking of old, I celebrated my birthday last week. 

I have no clue what we did last week.  Thankfully I have my trusty calendar to remind me of our goings-on. 

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics and Wednesday Lindy had hearing therapy.  She did well.  She was able to retell us a story with very little prompting.  We have also been working on reading books over background noise.  This week her teacher read her a book while standing a few feet back with a cd playing in the next room.  She is having to learn to block out the background noise.

Thursday I had an eye doctor appointment and that evening it started snowing!  The kids were so excited to see their first snow of the winter.  Will kept talking about how beautiful it was and he said, “It’s a wonderful night of snow!”

We woke up  Friday morning, on my birthday(!!), to about 3 inches of snow.  What a birthday present.  Actually it was more of a present for the kids.  They were the ones so excited about it.  We headed out pretty early and played for awhile.  The driveway was just slick enough to sled down.  Drew took them down the street on the sled a few times too.  They had a blast.  Lindy ate as much snow as she could and enjoyed every bite.  We built a pitiful little snowman with a banana nose and raisin eyes and mouth.  The kids thankfully got tired and we headed inside.  Good thing we went out early because once the sun came out and it started warming up, the snow started melting.  Most of it was gone by the end of the afternoon. 

Saturday we headed out in the afternoon to look for a new couch.  The kids were so excited at the first store but were not nearly as excited at the second store.  The first store we walked in and Will said, “Hi, we are 5 and we need a new couch because ours has rips.”  It was like we didn’t need to speak with the salesman, Will had it covered!  Saturday evening the lovely Ms. Martha, from our church, came and watched the kids so Drew and I could go out and celebrate my birthday with our friends Katie and Kris.  We ate at a restaurant in downtown that none of us had eaten at.  We had a very fun evening hanging out.

Sunday was a regular church day and Monday was a holiday for everyone.  We headed out mid morning for some more couch shopping.  We headed to Lexington to a furniture store and had some good Lexington bbq.  We headed up to Greensboro to look in a few stores and then went back to the first store in Winston we went to and bought a couch!  It had to be ordered so now we have to wait for it to come. 

Monday afternoon right as we were pulling in the driveway, Grandbob pulled in behind us.  He had been in town helping Ed.  We had dinner plans with Mike and Janice at the ‘ice cream shop’ and Grandbob joined us for dinner.  We had an enjoyable dinner with them, although Lindy was wild and Will watched TV the whole time. 

I’ll end there and leave this week’s activity for my usual weekend post.  Hopefully I won’t forget it!

The shirt Will wore to school last Thursday.DSC_0281Watching the snow!DSC_0284So excited for snow!DSC_0282It got so light and weird looking Thursday night.DSC_0286Lindy cleaning the beaters while Drew made my cake.DSC_0289Fun in the snow!DSC_0292DSC_0293DSC_0299DSC_0301DSC_0302DSC_0307DSC_0310DSC_0312DSC_0314DSC_0318DSC_0319DSC_0321DSC_0326DSC_0328DSC_0336DSC_0338DSC_0339DSC_0343DSC_0348Opening my birthday presents!DSC_0351DSC_0354My cake!DSC_0356DSC_0357Heading to church Sunday.DSC_0363DSC_0366Our fashionista and her fashionista dog.DSC_0376This is the couch Will liked.  IMG_1770Checking out the setteeIMG_1772Sitting on the couch we bought – although it will be brown. IMG_1784

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week in Review

This week started off with two appointments for Lindy Lou.  She had a hearing test on Monday morning.  I picked her up early from school and we headed to the hospital.  Thankfully both her ear drums were moving, so her fluid and ear infection from December were gone.  The tympanogram was slightly pulled to the left on her right ear but the audiologist said that means there is still a little pressure.  She said it probably feels like it needs to pop.  We did her hearing test and Lindy did well.  Her hearing was back up to normal – or whatever normal is for Lindy.  Her hearing always gets worse with fluid in her ears.  We also picked up our new ear molds and thankfully they fit!  We have been on a good roll the last couple tries with ear molds!  We used to always have to have them remade because they never fit right the first go round.  Lindy and I left the hospital and we went and had our lunch in the car outside her physical therapy building.  We finally went in for PT and Lindy did pretty good.  She didn’t look as great this month as she did last month.  But we didn’t do anything over Xmas break in terms of therapy so that didn’t help.

While Lindy and I were at her appointments Will had gone home with a friend of the kids from school.  He got to spend the afternoon playing with Parker.  Parker is actually in Lindy’s class at school and Lindy was so jealous!  We picked Will up and headed home. 

Tuesday the kids had gymnastics.  I had forgotten Lindy’s FM system at school so it wasn’t her best class ever, but not so much her fault either.  We were happy to see Claire back in the kids’ class and now I have Katie back to talk to!

The next few days were just full of me working.  I’m slowly transitioning to full time work.  agagaga!  I’m trying to work up to it. 

Friday night we did a cool after dinner treat.  My friend Callie had told me they made homemade ice cream in plastic bags this week so I thought we’d give it a try.  So simple and yet so incredibly yummy.  Drew was totally questioning my sanity but boy did he love his ice cream!  It was a fun little activity!

Saturday morning we got up and got ready  to head to Charlotte to celebrate young Anna Southern’s 30th birthday.  Seems like Anna Southern is not actually so young anymore Winking smile  We headed to Bob and Suzette’s for lunch with the whole family and two friends of Anna’s.  After lunch the adults went bowling for a couple hours.  It was a lot of fun and so much easier to do without two little kids with you!  Thanks to Bob, Suzette, and Lynn who watched the kids while we were gone. 

Lindy seemed like she was on the verge of a cold coming on.  She seemed fine at Bob and Suzette’s but she coughed and sneezed the whole way home.  She woke up this morning and sneezed a ton of times.  I decided it was best for her not to be sneezing all over her friends from church so Lindy and I stayed home.  She laid on the couch all morning playing the iPad.  I got busy!  I had an unexpected 3 hours on my hands and I made the most of my time.  I hardly stopped moving.  I exercised, did laundry, vacuumed, cleaned spots on the carpet, packed up the kids’ outgrown winter clothes, moved tubs of clothes around in the garage.  I had the most productive morning ever!  Will and Drew came home and Drew headed back out to help his brother.  We’ve had a lazy afternoon around here.  Lindy has sneezed so many times today.  I didn’t know someone could sneeze so much!  At times she acts fine, other times she acts sleepy.  We’ll have to decide about school tomorrow.

We did go outside for just a little while this afternoon because it was near 70F.  The kids rode the Jeep up to a neighbor’s house to drop something off and then we rode home.  I let Will drive on the fast speed and I had to speed walk to keep up with him! 

Not many pictures this week either.  Working really cuts down on my picture taking time.  Here is what I have!

A couple of ridiculously cute kids!DSC_0095DSC_0096One night Will set up a beach volleyball court.  The chairs were the net.  He had the greatest time hitting the beach ball back and forth.  DSC_0100Lindy was playing with Drew while we were playing volleyball.  She was laughing so hard!DSC_0104DSC_0111DSC_0113Stirring up the ice cream ingredients!DSC_0120DSC_0124Put them in a plastic bag.DSC_0127DSC_0128Put the small bag in a gallon bag with ice and salt and SHAKE!DSC_0129DSC_0130DSC_0132DSC_01335 minutes later you get ice cream!!!DSC_0134Um, um, good!DSC_0141She went to the bathroom and came back and was shivering she was so cold!  I got her hat to keep her warm!DSC_0143DSC_0146DSC_0147Crazy cute outfit!  Too bad it got to 70F and we had to ditch the adorable sweater poncho!DSC_0151At the bowling alley.DSC_0165Happy Birthday, Anna!DSC_0168

Before I got this post published I put the kids to bed.  Lindy started coughing and of course she ended up throwing up.  She definitely has a cold and phlegm in the back of her throat, which always makes her puke.  Hopefully she cleared it out and will sleep good now.  Now that she has had a change of clothes and another bath!