Thursday, June 30, 2011

Potty Training

I’ve kept mum about our recent potty training adventures with Lindy because I didn’t want to jinx myself.  Now that we are 1.5 weeks into it and she is doing pretty good, I figured I’d write about it!

Saturday, June 18th Lindy woke up and the first thing I did was sit her on the potty.  She peed a tiny amount and I told her I thought she had more.  She peed a little bit more and then she eventually emptied her bladder.  We were so proud of her!  I decided hey, she’s gone once today, let’s just see what she does the rest of the day.

I don’t know what made me put her on the potty that morning because I hadn’t really planned to start potty training her that day.  But once we got started, there has been no looking back.

I used a 3 day potty training method with Will that was pretty intense.  I have tried it twice with Lindy and we had no success.  I knew I was going to have to try something totally different.  I emailed a cousin a few months back and asked her how she trained her little boy who has autism.  She told me that she took her son every hour.  If he did not go then she’d take him again in 15 minute increments. 

That is what I have been doing for 1.5 weeks and it seems to be working!  The beach trip last week was a bit of unfortunate timing but oh well.  We kept up with it as well as we could when we were at the beach house but couldn’t do too much down at the beach.  I never knew if she had peed or was just wet from the ocean water.  All in all she kept doing well, even despite being away from home.

My cousin also told me to put her in panties, get rid of the diapers or pull-ups.  I have done that for the most part if we are at home.  She had some Dora panties and she was very concerned about keeping Dora dry.   We’ve really played up keeping whichever character she has on her panties dry and she seems to respond to that.  I bought her some knew Ni Hao Kai-Lan and Yo Gabba Gabba panties and she gets those as rewards after peeing so many times in the potty.  She loves her new panties and really wants to keep them dry.   I have been putting her in pull-ups if we leave the house, because I’m just not that brave.  She has stayed dry lately when we are out running errands and yesterday we met my friend Wendy at the park and I brought the potty along.  She stayed dry and went pee when I took her to the potty. 

This go-round on the potty training has been SOOOO much better than the last two.  The last two times I was super anal and covered the carpet with plastic.  This time it has been so relaxing.  If she goes pee then I don’t even stress at all.  She’s all good for an hour.  Maybe she feels how much more relaxed we are and that is why we are having some success?

We are not to the stage where she tells us she has to go – yet.  I see a few emerging signs of it.  We’re doing a slow and steady potty training here.  We are light years ahead of where we’ve ever been and I have finally come around to the thinking that she will be potty trained.  I was starting to have my doubts! 

I can tell she is getting much more comfortable with the whole idea too.  In the beginning it was taking 10-15 minutes of her sitting and reading books before she’d go.  Now she often sits and goes fairly quickly.  In the beginning she was also just letting tiny bits of pee out and now she is starting to let it all go at once.  Definite signs that she is getting better at it!

We are just going to keep at it the entire summer.  It is definitely not a 3 day experience – more of an entire summer experience.  We are SO proud of her.  I’m pretty sure she is proud of herself too.  Even Will gets pretty excited and tells her he is proud of her.  Even though that is probably because he usually gets an M&M when she pees!

Besides potty training this week, we’ve had a pretty quiet one.  Lindy, Will, and I met my friend Wendy and her daughter Berkley at a park on Wednesday morning.  It was fun but hot!  We also had a picnic lunch at the park with them.  After a nap I took the kids outside and we played in the sprinklers and with the water table.  The kids had a blast in the water.

Wednesday evening we had plans to go over to Wendy’s house and watch the last Harry Potter movie.  We were supposed to start the movie at 8:30pm so we put the kids in bed early and then Aunt Jamie and Uncle Ed came over.  Our reason for doing such is that Lindy has throw up on them the last two times they have babysat.  Last night we thought we’d take care of that by putting them to bed ourselves.  We put them down and unfortunately they weren’t asleep when we left.  Will was laying down and heading off but Lou Lou was playing.  But she was yawning so I was really hoping she’d just lay down and go to sleep.  Well, she didn’t.  They said she played until like 8:30pm and then finally started crying.  And cried until she made herself throw up.  Ed and Jamie are never going to babysit for us ever again!!!  They heard her start gagging on the monitor so they headed in there, got the throw up bucket and got ready.  And sure enough she ralphed.  She definitely keeps everyone on their toes.  Never a dull moment with that girl around!  They said she puked and then laid down and went to sleep.  Go figure.

That’s our week so far.  We are looking forward to the long, holiday weekend! 

The princess on her throne!DSC_9875DSC_9876Playing outside yesterday.  She had really cute matching bottoms on, but she pooped in them.  DSC_0180She is SO silly!DSC_0181DSC_0189DSC_0191She was so serious about getting water out of the water table and pouring it on the patio.  She must have felt it was her ‘job’ for the day!DSC_0196DSC_0197DSC_0203DSC_0207DSC_0217DSC_0224Look at that tongue out!  He takes his hopscotch seriously!DSC_0239DSC_0243DSC_0244Perfect time for a carwash! DSC_0259DSC_0274

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back to Oak Island

Nothing much happened in the beginning of the week and then we spent the last half of the week at the beach with friends.  We went to Mimo’s beach house and we were joined by a buddy of Drew’s from high school and his family.  Drew and Matt actually knew of each other when they lived in Greenville, SC but both moved to Charlotte where they actually became friends.  Matt married his high school sweetheart (who coincidentally has the same birthday as Drew) and they have two kids, Liam (who is 6) and Clara (who is about 3 months younger than Lindy  and Will). 

We had some perfect beach weather.  We had a few slightly overcast days but they were actually fine with us.  Not quite so sunny isn’t a bad thing at the beach.  We went out to eat at our favorite restaurant, Yacht Basin Provision Company and had an amazing low country boil the last night we were there.  Fresh seafood at the beach cannot be beat!

It took the kids a little while to warm up to each other but they were buds by the end.  Liam was our ‘Lindy gopher’ the last evening on the beach.  Drew and I don’t sit a lot at the beach because the dare devil likes to take off for the water and she cannot really be trusted to stop.  Friday evening we kept sending Liam after her and we actually got to sit for longer than a minute!  Lindy loved Liam so she always came back willingly with him! 

We would usually go out in the morning around 10am, stay till about 12:30-1pm and come back and let the kids rest.  We went back to the beach one day in the late afternoon.  We got home, bathed all the kids, ate, and put them all down and got to hang out with adult interaction.  It was great!

Our kids are official beach bums and we are already looking forward to our next beach trip!

Crazy girl before we left for the beach.  The stroller and purse always go together and the ‘gloves’ are something new she liked to do with her socks.DSC_9872We painted before we left for the beach.  DSC_9880DSC_9881The first thing she did was run straight to the water.  She has no fear.DSC_9895Will on the other hand wanted to hold your hand anytime he was near the water.  DSC_9904She had a good time playing with Drew’s hat!DSC_9908DSC_9910DSC_9913DSC_9925DSC_9931Getting them to pose for this picture was quite an ordeal!DSC_9935DSC_9945Clara and LiamDSC_9958Matt, Martha, Liam and Clara at the Provision Company.DSC_9959DSC_9962DSC_9964DSC_9975All four kids at the little waterfront park in Southport.DSC_9984DSC_9990DSC_9991DSC_9994DSC_9997The kids’ chariot that took them to and from the beach each time.DSC_0002DSC_0009DSC_0011

DSC_0017DSC_0022Will banged that little racket in the water for two days.  DSC_0033DSC_0037DSC_0066DSC_0080Lindy charmed her yet another man.DSC_0084Our beachy family!DSC_0098DSC_0102DSC_0113DSC_0120Once Lindy found this boogie board she wouldn’t put it away.  DSC_0125So Sweet!DSC_0138And then the take down!DSC_0139This morning before church.DSC_0163DSC_0164DSC_0168