Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

We got home Christmas Eve and we played with some of the kids’ new toys for a bit.  Finally we put the milk and cookies out for Santa, sprinkled some oatmeal and put out carrots for the reindeer and put the kids to bed.  Will’s first present to Lindy was letting her sleep with him in his top bunk that night.  She thinks that is the best thing ever.   Surprisingly they went to bed pretty easy without too much playing.

We were awakened at 7am on the dot by Will.  He was none too pleased to hear he had to stay in his bed while I went downstairs to get the cameras and turn on lights.  He had the job of waking up Lindy and she was not ready to get up.  We finally dragged her out of bed and let them go downstairs.

Santa brought Lindy a drum set and Will got a new magic set with a table and a hat and wand.  They both seemed very excited about their gifts.  They blew through the other gifts from Drew and me, which were not exciting to them.  House shoes, some clothes, books. 

We played with toys and around the house all morning.  We finally started getting ready and getting packed up and we headed to my parents’ around 2:45pm.  They were happy to see some family as they had been by themselves throughout the holidays.  We loaded up in the car last night and my parents took us to some great Christmas lights. 

We put the kids to bed and Lindy started coughing.  She had picked up a cold and the coughing had started.  She did end up throwing up, twice, and sleeping in our bed.  Lindy has been sick both times we’ve had Christmas at my parents’ new house.  Sorry to my parents and sister’s family who have to be around her.  We’ve got her on all medicines and hopefully she’ll be okay this week.

We are waiting arrival of the Beavers.  They are on the way from the airport – right now!

Picking out the cookies for Santa.DSC_2555DSC_2556DSC_2557DSC_2559DSC_2560DSC_2562DSC_2565
Saying goodbye to Pluto.DSC_2569
Food for the reindeer.DSC_2571DSC_2572DSC_2573
Sweet, sleeping Christmas babies.IMG_6333
Santa’s Loot for LindyDSC_2574
Santa’s Loot for WillDSC_2575
Sleepy Christmas morning babes!DSC_2576
Mean mom making them stop for picturesDSC_2579DSC_2582DSC_2585DSC_2587DSC_2590DSC_2591DSC_2592DSC_2595DSC_2596DSC_2607DSC_2611DSC_2612
Presents from the kids they made at school.DSC_2613DSC_2615DSC_2617DSC_2619
My dish towels.  You know you are an adult when you get dish towels for Xmas – and like it!DSC_2621
The kids got Drew a magic mug.  A picture shows up when it gets hot!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas–Mimo Birthday Style

We headed to Waxhaw to celebrate Mimo’s 39th birthday and Christmas yesterday.  It was a super nasty drive with the Christmas Eve monsoon we drove through to get there. 

We had a yummy brunch, opened Christmas presents, celebrated Mimo’s birthday, and spent the afternoon playing games.  Real games, not electronic games!  Will said this morning he wished his birthday was today, like Mimo’s.  I told him I didn’t think Mimo would agree with him.  

It was super foggy on the way home.  I was glad Santa could find our chimney!

Yeehaw, more presents!!DSC_2508DSC_2509DSC_2511DSC_2512DSC_2513DSC_2516DSC_2519DSC_2520DSC_2529DSC_2530DSC_2531DSC_2532DSC_2535
Happy Birthday Mimo!DSC_2537DSC_2544DSC_2553DSC_2554