Sunday, August 24, 2014

Open House

The last week, and as of right now, the last night before school has arrived.  My babes start 1st grade tomorrow!  I’m not actually sure where kindergarten went because I swear it was just yesterday we were getting ready to start that.  It sure is a different feeling tonight than it was a year ago before they were starting kindergarten.  I’ll always be worried about how they will do but this school stuff is becoming a lot easier!

As for our last week of summer, the kids spent it here and there.  We dropped them off at Lynn’s last Sunday night before the Panthers vs Chiefs football game and they stayed there a couple days.  Drew headed down Tuesday evening to get them and spent the night down there.  They came back Wednesday morning.  While they were at Lynn’s they went to the park and played, made cookies, and played around Mimo’s.  Lindy came home with some elaborate pup houses for her Paw Patrol friends that they must have spent a lot of time working on.  When Drew got down there they had dinner and walked to get frozen yogurt.   They got back around lunch on Wednesday so I went and met them for lunch at McDonald’s.

Thursday was the most exciting day of the week.  Good things happened on Thursday!  Lindy had a physical therapy appointment, about a month after Jill told us to get one.  She had put her back in a short brace on her right foot and said to come back in two months.  The only appointment I could get was 3 months out, which was Thursday.  Because Lindy has always gone back and forth from tall to short braces, we had no clue what to expect.  What we didn’t expect was to basically be discharged from PT because she is doing so well and is doing everything on the checklist Jill had.  What?? What??   Drew took her and Will to the appointment and Jill said she looked great.  She had started jumping on one foot on her left leg (her much weaker leg) and can stand on her left leg.  She is basically doing all age appropriate stuff – albeit a lot clumsier and not quite as graceful as kids her age!  But who cares, she does it!  Jill took her already short brace on her left foot and cut it completely down to just a shoe insert.  For the first time since she was about 8 months old, you can’t see braces on the child!  How cool!  I am dreaming about the possibility of cute little girl shoes.   Shoes have always been a struggle and we are as close as we can get to cute shoes.  It surely has to be easier with just inserts.  

The bad news of the week also happened on Thursday.  Wednesday night her right hearing aid went bonkers.  It was making awful static and clicking sounds.  I let it be overnight and it did it again Thursday morning.  I changed batteries twice and it still did it.  I called her audiologist and got her in at 10am and it just happens to be right next to PT.   We had also been having problems with tubes so they were going to change those for me too.  We got in with an audiologist we haven’t ever seen but that was fine.  They got her tubes changed and then they got her a loaner.  I was so happy because I would have been so worried with school starting on Monday if she only had one hearing aid.  It’s not the same as hers and she said it’s not as strong but it has to be better than nothing.    The funny thing is that things must sound different to her.  She said about 3-4 times that people wouldn’t recognize her voice.  We had to tell her she sounds the same to us but we figured out that something sounds different to her!  What stinks is that this is the second time we’ve had to send a hearing aid off for repair this year.  It’s $200 a pop.  I asked her audiologist how long hearing aids are supposed to last and she said 5-6 years.  Lindy’s are about 6 years old.  I wonder if we are getting closer and closer to her having to get new ones instead of paying to keep repairing them.  Insurance is the biggest question.  They are checking to see if insurance covers them.  A few years ago they passed a law in NC that requires health insurance to cover hearing aids for kids under 18.  Sounds great huh?  Apparently there are all kinds of loop holes.  Fingers crossed my insurance (which is new to Lindy) covers them.   

Thursday night was open house at school!  We were all very excited to meet their teachers!  Will’s room was first so we stopped there first.  We actually know his teacher because she had two girls in Lindy and Will’s class last year.  They are not biologic twins because one is adopted.  Anyway, Will was very excited to see her.  The part time assistant in his class is good friends with one of my best friends, Katie, so she knew Lindy and Will too.  He was super excited to see some friends from last year in his class and to see friends from Lindy’s class in his class.  His table has a little girl he sat next to for most of last year and two friends from Lindy’s class.  One is a little boy they went to preschool with so he knew everyone at his table. 

Next we headed to Lindy’s class and met her teacher.  We never actually met her assistant which was odd.  Lindy’s table had two friends from Will’s class and I can’t remember the fourth child.  She had two of her closest friends from last year in her class and lots of kids from Will’s class.  After we left her class we headed out to see Lindy’s vision teacher.  We LOVE her vision teacher.  She is so great.    We enjoyed our visit out there.  On our way out we walked down the kindergarten hall to say hi to their teachers from last year.  We finally headed home, after stopping for milkshakes on the way.

Friday Drew really treated the kids to their last weekday of the summer.  He took them to jump at Airbound Trampoline and play putt-putt and video games at Adventure Landing.  What a day!!  That night we went to our church softball game which was actually a double header.  Daddy played with them while I kept Lindy from getting hurt.  There were these big drop offs and she couldn’t just stay in one spot.  Will had a big time playing with his buddy Dylan.  It was so hot and sweaty out there.  Will was just as sweaty as the people playing softball that night so I made him shower when we got home.  The kids’ last treat for the summer happened Friday night.  They had been bugging us to ‘camp out’ in the den like they did at GrandBob’s and like we do at Christmas.  Because we got home late we just got out sleeping bags and we set them up in the den.  Drew made his bed on the floor and I slept on the couch.  They thought that was fun.  We let them keep it out all weekend and we cleaned everything up tonight before bed. 

Saturday we just hung around the house.  Except I had to run out to the store to get the makings for ice cream.  I made homemade ice cream for the ice cream social at church that afternoon.  We had a grand time eating ice cream and dancing with all our friends.  It was a party for adults in our community with developmental disabilities.  The kids and I danced probably over an hour!   It was a fun time and good exercise!  Saturday night Drew and Will went to a Wake Forest soccer game and Lindy and I stayed at home.  We played outside and she played in the bath for awhile.

Today we had church and then Drew and I got stuff done!  We had a list of things needed to be completed and we checked them off right and left.  What a great feeling.  We are all ready to start tomorrow morning bright and early!  Bring on 1st grade!

He says he built an ice cream Sunday at Mimo’s.IMG_5379
The pup houses they worked so hard on!IMG_5378
Baking cookies with Mimo.  This girl loves to help in the kitchen.
Lindy and Jill (her PT) who said we don’t need to come back till next summer (unless we see a problem creep up)!IMG_5366
Where are her braces?!
Since the first day of school is so crazy, we took a couple pictures at open house Thursday night. 
Will outside his classroom.
Lindy outside her classroom.
Lindy and the VI team.  Love them!DSC_0824
This sign is so crowded on the first day and there is horrible lighting so we took our pictures Thursday night.  DSC_0825
Love the leg posing!
Ice cream social at church.  Lindy and Will with our church friends Dylan and Olivia.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!DSC_0846
Dancing with Daddy.
Then crashing apparently.DSC_0886
Playing ball with Karley.
Ms. Martha took the ice bucket challenge!  Go Martha!!DSC_0894

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last Vacation of the Summer

We worked for two days and then we headed off on our last vacation of the summer.  One last little trip before the daily grind of school starts. 

We left early Wednesday morning and headed to Oak Island.  We got there a little after lunch and soon after GrandBob and Suzette showed up.  We got unpacked but decided to head to Southport for the afternoon instead of the beach.  Drew’s stomach was upset and it was getting later in the afternoon.  We headed to Southport and Suzette and I ditched the rest of the family and looked in a few shops around downtown.  We met back up and headed to dinner at our favorite restaurant, The Provision Company.  We had a yummy dinner on the water and then we headed to Walmart for some shopping. 

Thursday morning we were up early and on the beach around 9am.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather.  It was all sunny but not blazing hot like it could have been in the middle of August.  We stayed on the beach till after lunch and then we headed for a break. We went back out for a few hours and then back in for dinner.  We got food from Jones Seafood for dinner and then Drew, Bob and Will headed to play putt putt.  Apparently everyone else on the island headed to play as well.  They said the line was too long to play so they played some video games and headed home.  

Friday we were back on the beach early again, stayed until lunch and then headed in.  Drew, Bob and Will headed back to play putt putt.  They said it was hot!  They got back and Suzette I headed back to the beach and read and took a walk.  We went back for a yummy low country boil and then we all went back to the beach.  We hardly ever go out after dinner but it was great out there.  Great lighting for great pictures!  The only bad part was getting everyone cleaned up for bed.

Saturday morning we headed to the beach early and in at lunch time.  Sadly we had to pack up, clean up, and we left around 2:30pm.  We stopped in Asheboro for dinner at Sir Pizza.  It was a great weekend.  Nice to get one last trip in and I was so happy the weather was nice.

The fun continued for the weekend though.  We went to church Sunday morning and then we headed to Charlotte to Lynn’s house.  We had dinner with her and then Drew and I went to the Carolina Panthers versus Kansas City Chiefs football game.  It was our first NFL football game.  Who cares if it was preseason?!  My favorite team is the Chiefs so I was so excited to see them play.  The best part was we got free tickets from some church members.  Even better!  It was a super late night getting home but it was worth it!

My favorite romper from this summer!DSC_0665DSC_0669
Dinner at the Provision Company.DSC_0671DSC_0672
Kids’ first time really playing with the boogie boards.  We had some bad moments – a wave taking Lindy out and Will sliding off and practically breaking his neck – but otherwise they had fun.DSC_0675DSC_0677DSC_0680DSC_0684DSC_0686
They thought they were certified surfers though.DSC_0693
Old men need to nap.DSC_0721
Our favorite thing in the world, holes.  Will was super proud of these holes which were all connected and he called his waterpark. DSC_0726
We saw dolphins Friday morning!DSC_0729
The water was super calm last week.DSC_0743DSC_0746DSC_0748DSC_0756DSC_0757DSC_0760DSC_0767DSC_0774DSC_0777
This was definitely his pose for the trip!DSC_0792
She wrote her name in the sand!DSC_0799
So then he had to.DSC_0802DSC_0806
Heading into Bank of America Stadium Sunday night.IMG_5347
I stood out in my Chiefs shirt!IMG_5351IMG_5355IMG_5356