Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

We have had some seriously rainy weather this week.  I emptied 3 inches out of my rain gauge this afternoon. All from the latter half of the week.  We have had big storms all week and we even had hail one night.  Thankfully it was small.  It’s already sprinkling again and looks like we could get more storms and rain all day tomorrow.  Our yard is a big mess.  It’ll be awhile before it dries out and we can go out to play!

We had a pretty boring week but a pretty busy weekend.

We did all the normal things this week.  Gymnastics on Tuesday afternoon.  After class was over we headed to Dewey’s bakery – the best bakery in our town – and got our free pink lemonade cake square.  They were giving them away free to celebrate the first day of spring.  Both kids fell asleep on the way home.  I carried Lindy inside and she stayed asleep on the couch.  Then she fell off the couch.  What a rough way to wake up from a nap!  Wednesday I had a March of Dimes meeting so Drew picked the kids up for me.  Thursday Drew took the kids to choir practice. 

Friday afternoon the fun started.  Janice came to watch the kids while Drew and I went to the 2pm showing of the Hunger Games!  We’ve read all the books and loved them.  I liked the movie a lot and Drew hated it.  The camera angles were a little wonky but I got over it.  He didn’t.   We got back home and Janice left to pick Mike up from a car dealership and then we all headed for dinner at the ice cream shop.  Drew left there and headed to an event at Wake that night. 

Saturday was a busy, busy, busy day!  Will and I headed to a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese’s at 12pm for a boy in his class.  I’ve never been there on a Saturday and I hope I never go back on a Saturday!  Whoa!  It was a mad house.  Will still had a great time playing with everything.  He liked the thing you crawl up in and then crawl all around the most.  I ended up giving away his coins because he was only wanting to play in there.  We left there at 2pm and we met up with Drew and Lindy and Mimo.  Drew dropped Lindy off with us and then Mimo and the kids and I went to our second birthday party for our friend Riley.  It was at a gymnastics place.  They started out getting to play in a bounce house and then they let them run wild in the gym part.  There were 30+ kids running wild!  They all had a blast but I had to save Lindy a couple times from being taken out.  It was great to have Mimo around to help me out!  We left there, headed home, ate dinner,  and then Drew and I headed out to the UNC School of the Arts symphony.  Although I was pretty sleepy from two birthday parties, I managed to stay awake.  It was really neat and it is so impressive that they are just in college.  Everything we’ve seen at the UNCSA is fantastic.  Mimo watched the kids and spent the night with  us so we could go listen to the music.

Today we had church and the kids’ choir sang and rang the hand bells.   The hand bells are the neatest thing.  The bells are all different colors and then someone stands up in front with these cards.  If your color is on the card, you ring your bell.  Will does a great job at it.  Lindy can’t see the card that far away.  We gave her the same color as Will and we told her to ring when  Will rings and stop when Will stops.  She did pretty good in the beginning and then she turned her back and pretty much just rang away.  Will did throw his bell behind him one time but he picked it up and kept on ringing.  I’m glad Lindy didn’t follow him on that part! 

After lunch we had a March of Dimes fundraiser at CiCi’s pizza but I don’t think we did very well.  We didn’t have a great turnout of people we know and we got in trouble for telling people walking in to the restaurant to mention the March of Dimes. oh well. We tried!

Here are the few pictures I took this week.

DSC_1124First birthday party on Saturday.DSC_1126DSC_1130The boys watching are from his class.DSC_1131DSC_1142Second birthday party on Saturday.  Lindy was holding up the bounce house!DSC_1147DSC_1148Check out Will in the background!DSC_1155DSC_1158DSC_1159So many kids!DSC_1163Lindy looks taller than Will.  She’s not!  Must have been the angle.DSC_1168DSC_1172DSC_1176Singing during church. Lindy is all up on Nicholas!DSC_1180Watching Will.DSC_1187Ringing the bells!DSC_1189Ringing whenever she wanted to!DSC_1190Picking up the dropped bell!DSC_1194This girl loves her Mimo (and her makeup bag.  I’m not sure which one she loved most though!)DSC_1199Failed attempt at a shot with Mimo!  It’s good of Mimo though!DSC_1202

Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Easter Egg Hunt of the Year

St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t the only fun part of our week. 

Monday Drew and I both picked the kids up from school and we had a picnic at the playground at their school.  Lindy and I then headed to physical therapy and Drew and Will headed to two more parks to play.  Will is so funny at parks now.  He used to be super shy but not anymore.  He tells people, “I’m Will. W-I-L-L.”  That’s right, he spells his name!  Recently when we were at the park he would also point out Lindy and tell people she was his sister and Drew said he was telling people that Lindy wasn’t at the park.  Funny kid.  Lindy did well in PT.  She looked the best she’s looked in months.  Jill was impressed with her range.  Her braces are getting a little small (we’ve had them almost a year) so we made plans to cast her in three weeks. 

Tuesday Lindy had school and then they went to gymnastics.  Lindy kept coming to the gate, but I’m not sure why.  Just to visit I guess. 

Wednesday I had a March of Dimes meeting, so Drew picked the kids up from music class for me.  We are getting all our last minute planning done since we only have about 5 weeks left until the March for Babies.

Besides it being St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, it was also the kids’ first Easter egg hunt.  This isn’t just any Easter egg hunt, it was an Easter egg hunt for visually impaired children, put on by the Winston-Salem bomb squad and the Governor Morehead Preschool for the Blind.  Lindy has been working with Governor Morehead since she came home from the NICU.  The bomb squad makes these beeping Easter eggs so even if you can’t see the eggs, you can hear them and hunt them!  This is the second year they have done this event and we had just as much fun this year as we did last year.  This year they had a blind marathon runner who would run with the kids.  They got to cross the finish line and then get a gold medal!  Both kids thought this was great!  They had a pony, face painter, balloon  animal leprechaun(!), puzzles, bomb squad robots, games, and of course Easter eggs!  We were there almost two hours and had a lot of fun.  We saw two of Lindy’s old Governor Morehead teachers, but her current teacher was at a conference. 

We had not been there very long when a local TV anchor came running over to us, followed by a cameraman.  She asked if they could follow us around for awhile.  We said sure and then she asked if she could put a microphone on one of us.  Drew was pointing at me and I was pointing at Drew.   I got the microphone.  They taped the kids playing and hunting the Easter eggs and then they asked me a few questions.  It aired on the local news last night and I heard it was on again this morning.  We made sure to watch last night and the kids thought it was pretty cool to see themselves on TV.  I was cringing listening to myself talk! 

Here it is!

We also had our neighbors over to play on Saturday afternoon.  The kids had a blast playing outside.  We got rained out and came inside to play before they left.  It’s so nice to have neighbors with kids the same age!

Today we had church and  I had a meeting after church.  The kids came home with Drew.  Will bugged and bugged me until I got the Easter decorations out.  That kid loves some decorations! 

Besides all the fun we had, we had the basketball games on all weekend.  Thanks Missouri and Duke for ruining everyone’s brackets(including mine)!  That’s why they call it March Madness!

Have a great week!

DSC_0828DSC_0829DSC_0830DSC_0838This girl loves a piggy back ride!DSC_0842She wore my shirt all day long.DSC_0844Pretending to be flying condors!DSC_0846Trying Shamrock Shakes – Lindy liked, Will didn’t.DSC_0852DSC_0854March Madness means eating dinner by the TV.DSC_0859Running races at the Easter egg hunt.DSC_0882DSC_0887DSC_0888Tater-Tot the pony!DSC_0890DSC_0891DSC_0895He was so funny reaching in the bag and trying to feel what was inside.DSC_0903The kids with Alex, Lesley’s son.  It was too bright to get them to look at me.DSC_0907Hunting the beeping eggs!DSC_0908DSC_0911DSC_0912DSC_0917DSC_0920DSC_0924DSC_0927The bomb squad robot.DSC_0933The leprechaun balloon maker!DSC_0935A blue dogDSC_0939and a green snake!DSC_0941DSC_0943Lindy’s first vision teacher, Susan.DSC_0946Her second vision teacher, Lesley, who we had about 2.5 years.DSC_0944Watching herself on TV!DSC_0973Church outfits today.DSC_0984My beauty!DSC_0990My crazy!DSC_0992My handsome (after a much needed haircut this week!)DSC_0996Silly girl!  She had a kitty hand puppet on and she was attacking us with it.  She thought this was the funniest thing in the world.  She was cackling.  She wore her new coat the entire afternoon and added the bunny ears in the afternoon.  DSC_1007