Monday, December 24, 2007

Special Visitor

Last night we had a special visitor stop by the house. Here are pictures of his visit!

That was the highlight so far of my holidays. It was another thing that I just figured we couldn't do because of the risk of colds and RSV. To have Santa stop by the house and pose for pictures was awesome! I heard Will mention a football and Lindy said something about a baby doll!

I haven't had a chance to post since the day Lindy got home. Twins are hard work!! Double the work and double the amount of time it takes to do anything! It isn't so bad when you have some help but there have been times I have to do everything alone! That takes some planning!
Overall everything has gone well. Lindy has been adjusting fairly well. She is sleeping well which is really good. She doesn't seem to be eating quite as smoothly as she was when she first came home. She's been having large throw up attacks about once a day. All stuff we are trying to figure out. She has had a couple fussy spells and we cannot figure out what is wrong. When Will cries it is usually to tell us he is hungry. We haven't figured out Lindy's crying yet. I'm pretty sure there is more than just the I'm hungry cry! It has been really fun putting the babies together. Lindy seems to be calmed by Will and Will seems to care less about Lindy! Not sure he's noticed her yet! We've had them nap together a few times and it is the sweetest thing ever! Sleeping babies are SO CUTE!!!
Here are a few more pictures from the past few days. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures ever! How funny is this?

Will's arm taste good!
Would you believe that today, Christmas Eve, is the first time that Drew and I have held both babies at the same time???? How crazy is that. We never could do it in the hospital because they were too sick and then Lindy got MRSA. We haven't needed to or had time yet since Lindy came home. Today we took the time and both held our precious babies. They are an armful!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

143 Days and FINALLY HOME!!

So I should be cleaning bottles and making up new bottles, BUT I wanted to post some pictures of our great day! We left Duke around 2pm today with Lindy in tow. She slept pretty much the entire way. She got a bottle pretty much as soon as we got here and then we let her and Will lay together. Will pretty much ignored her!

It is definitely weird having two babies here! That will take a little getting used to.

Getting used to Lindy's equipment is going to take some time too. The oxygen has a 50 foot tube but the monitor has about a 4 foot cord. So you are tied to the monitor. It was not reading right most of the afternoon so it was constantly beeping. We'll get used to it, it'll just take time.

Here are lots of pictures!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's REALLY coming to an end!!

Lindy is coming home TOMORROW!!!! Wednesday, December 19th! The best Christmas present we could have ever asked for!

After trying to ship her out of Duke, she has ended up staying there. Things really started picking up towards the end of last week. They made the decision about oxygen on Thursday and they came to Drew on Friday with home health companies. She has continued to eat like a champ all weekend long.

They moved her eye exam to today (Tuesday) and they said if she got a good report from the ophthalmologist that she could be discharged on Wednesday! Yesterday was spent trying to find home health companies and today was spent waiting for the eye exam. The eye doctor said she was looking good and stable and there has been no change since last week. They cleared her so that she can come home!!

Drew is in Durham today and he is 'rooming in' with Lindy tonight. They have rooms where parents can stay with their babies before they go home. We figured that since she is on oxygen that it would be good for someone to have a little experience with her before she got home. I really hope the night goes well for them. We've never been with her in the middle of the night!

Tomorrow is going to be an exciting day. Drew's dad, Bob, and his wife, Suzette, are coming up tomorrow morning. Suzette is going to keep Will all day and Bob will be taking me to Durham to meet Drew and Lindy. I want to be there with her when we leave the hospital!! Plus I don't think Drew would be comfortable driving two hours with her in the backseat by herself, on oxygen.

I can't imagine what it is going to be like with two babies, one being on oxygen. I'm pretty nervous actually! I really can't imagine what it will be like on Thursday morning when no one has to get up and go the hospital. One of us has been at the hospital everyday (except for 2 days) since July 18th!

As I was writing this post the company just delivered the oxygen tank. It's not as big as I thought it would be. It comes with 50 foot of tubing so you can put the tank out of the way and still take her all around the house. It doesn't seem too complicated.

So it looks like we are all ready for Miss Lindy. Well except I started putting together her bouncy seat and it seems kind of rickety. Will and I will have to spend some time tonight trying to get it together right.

I can't wait to see the babies together tomorrow! I can't wait to hold my babies at the same time. It will be the first time I have ever held them at the same time. We never got to in the hospitals.

So much excitement for tomorrow! Lots of big changes!!!!! Next time I post we'll have our whole family together at home!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interesting Week!

I have been in Durham so I have not had time to post. There was some unwanted excitement this week while I was there. On Tuesday they were ready to kick Lindy out of Duke because they needed beds. They talked to Baptist and they would take her back but Baptist would have to bring her back to Duke next week for an eye doctor's appointment. That was going to be hard for Baptist. So then they wanted to send her to Durham Regional or Alamance Regional. We weren't too keen on either of those options. In the end they found a bed in their transitional nursery and she was going to go there. Before they actually moved her though, she desatted. So she stayed right where she was all night and then they never said a word about moving her on Wednesday.

Some good news for the week is that she tested negative for a third time for MRSA so she got moved to a regular room!! yeah. She also passed the 6 pound mark today!! She weighed 6 pounds 2 ounces today.

Drew went up today and there was more excitement. She has been on room air for almost a week, but they decided today to put her back on oxygen (on the nasal cannula). They said on room air her oxygen saturation should be over ninety 90% of the time. They prefer if you sat over 95. Well they looked back through all Lindy's records over the week and she is only over ninety 67% of the time. They made the decision that she will be coming home on oxygen. Yes we are excited that it will help get her home but it's still a little disappointing. So we will have to get all set up for that. We'll have to have a large oxygen tank in the house.

So now we are just working on feeds. I questioned yesterday whether she was working too hard to get the milk (which is now being thickened) through the standard nipple they are using. After about 35-40mL she gets worn out. Drew took one of our bottles back today with a Y cut nipple and she drank the whole bottle (55mL) in 5 minutes!!! Makes you wonder! She was back on the oxygen at that point and she was really hungry so we aren't sure which one it was. But maybe we're onto something. Drew is going to keep trying it tomorrow.

Will is doing great. He is really thriving at home. He continues to be such a little sweetie. He had an appointment today with the NICU follow-up clinic and they said he is doing well. They said he weighed 8 lbs 8 oz. Nine days ago he weighed right at 8 lbs so I am having trouble believing he gained 8 oz in nine days. It might be a difference in scales. Anyhow, he's growing like crazy!

Enjoy some recent pictures.
Our hippy tie dye baby.
Chill Will in the bouncy seat!
Mommy and Lindy!
Lindy while she was on room air.
Lindy on room air again, getting her clothes changed.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Paparazzi Shots

My babies are constantly fighting away the paparazzi (me). Here are their paparrazi shots. Don't they look like they got caught doing something a bit inappropriate and they are saying, "NO!!!! Don't take my picture!"

Friday, December 7, 2007

Overdue Post

This post is long overdue. Where has the week gone?

Drew was in Durham on Sunday and Monday of this week. He got to see and work with the new and improved Lindy that eats from bottles. He came home Monday night and I went to see my little girl on Tuesday. I just got back home Thursday and Drew headed back today.

So the biggest news of the week came from Lindy's eye exam on Tuesday evening. The doctor said her eyes are looking good this week. There is no more blood, which is good. There was a chance the eye could have bled more, even after taking blood out last week. The left eye is looking better as well. She said that Lindy is growing and getting bigger and that helps the situation out. The area of concern is farther away from the macula which is good news. She said she felt the possibility of surgery on her left eye is about 0%!!!! I like that percentage!

She has continued to learn to bottle feed this week. We've been working with occupational and speech therapy. She did so well on Tuesday that they took out the feeding tube on Wednesday and had her eat all her feeds with the bottle. She did well until about 9am on Thursday. The girl was worn out. She would absolutely not wake up to eat, so back in the feeding tube went. She was still sound asleep at noon but she woke up for her 3pm feed and did great. The doctors went back to having her bottle feed every other feed. It might have been a little too much too quickly.

The doctors have worked hard on getting Lindy off the nasal cannula this week. She is on the absolute lowest settings that she could be on. But for some reason, she likes them! They have done chest x-rays and echocardiograms in hopes of finding out why she likes the tiny bit of air flow. But they never found anything! They have changed her to a stronger diuretic and they took her off the cannula this afternoon! I SOOOOO hope this is it! It would be so great to bring her home on room air!!

They have also done other tests on her this week. They did an upper GI test today to see if she has reflux and she doesn't. Which is a little surprising, we all thought she did. They did a pulmonary function test today to see if she might need any breathing treatments or such. We haven't heard the results for that. Lindy is planning on having every test she can at Duke. So far she is passing them all!

The word 'home' is being talked about with Little Miss. Which is hard to believe. She has to get a good check up with the eye doctor next week and she has to learn to eat better and consistently from a bottle. But the end is in sight!!!! What an awesome Christmas present it would be to have her home by the 25th. I'm afraid to get my hopes up too high though.

It's a bit scary to think there could be two babies in the house in the near future. For the most part Will is awesome, but there are some moments I think to myself, "There is another one. agaggag!!!"

Speaking of Mr. Will, he is doing great. He had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday and he weighed 7 pounds, 15.6 ounces! I think we could almost round it up to 8 pounds! He feels so huge compared to Lindy. (She is weighing in around 5 lbs 13 ounces this week.) Wild Will got his four month immunizations on Tuesday and he hasn't been his usual happy self the last couple days. He slept all day Tuesday and Wednesday and he has been fussy the last couple days. We hope it goes away soon! Will doesn't have much news these days. He just eats and sleeps (and poops quite a bit) these days. Pretty boring, regular baby stuff!

It's been awhile since I've put pictures up, so here are some recent ones! They are SOOOOOO cute!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Hitting the Bottle

Since Will has absolutely NO problems bottle feeding (he likes to suck down a 4 ounce bottle in under 10 minutes!), this news is about Miss Lindy! Let me start with last week at Baptist. She was trying to drink a 5 mL bottle each day but it was not going very well. She would drop her heart rate and her oxygen concentrations. She didn't appear to have the suck, swallow, AND breathing mechanism down. So they actually stopped giving her a bottle after multiple days of this happening.

So fast forward a few days to this morning when I call on Lindy Duke to check on her. The nurse says, "I just finished giving Lindy a bottle and she drank 40 mL." WHAT???? I said, "Excuse me? Did you just say FORTY? As in four, zero?" She said, "Yes. Actually the nurse gave her a bottle last night and she drank all 48 mL of her feeding." I then replied, "Are you talking about Lindy?" I was starting to think she was talking about the wrong baby! She explained that last night Lindy was going to town on her pacifier and seemed hungry. The nurse asked the doctor if she could try to bottle feed her. So she did and Lindy took the whole bottle. The day nurse did it again at 9am this morning and she took 40 mL.

She has shocked us once again! This time in a good way! Out of no where, the child has learned to drink from a bottle! After last week we thought this eating thing was going to be a very long and drawn out process. Seems to be that she has sped it up a little bit! They have written orders for her to bottle feed every other feeding. Whatever she doesn't take from the bottle they put down her feeding tube. Drew fed her this afternoon and she took 26 mL of the 48 mL. The nurse fed her 30 mL at 9pm tonight.

Go Lindy! Go Lindy! Eat away!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Lindy Update

They had Lindy ready to go this morning and at the elevators when one of the nurse anesthetists got a page that said, "Don't bring the baby." They took her back and called and for whatever reason, they couldn't do her surgery at that time.

So she ended up going around 9am and she did well. She had to go back under anesthesia which means she had to be intubated. They went in and washed the blood out of her eye. The doctor said the retina looks good though, it is attached as it should be. She looked closely at the left eye while Lindy was under and she still isn't sure what the eye is going to do. The doctor will check her eyes again on Tuesday. They will decide then what her chances are of going back to Baptist or whether she will need to stay at Duke and be monitored by their eye doctors.

There is no doubt about it, she is a tough little cookie! She has been such a fighter and has stayed so strong.

Today is their four month birthday! Can you believe it? They have come such a long way.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Black Cat

Lindy left for Duke around 10:15am this morning. Drew got in the car and headed to Durham as well. He caught up with the ambulance in Durham, quite close to the hospital. As they were coming off the highway, there was a black cat on the side of the road. The ambulance had to slow down because the cat decided to cross the road. We all know that when a black cat crosses your path it can cause bad luck. Just what Lindy needed today, more bad luck.

After checking out her eyes, they discovered the left eye still has an area that is raised, but it is not threatening the macula. Therefore they will just continue to watch it.

Unfortunately the right eye still has some post-operative blood in it. They will be readmitting Lindy to Duke so that the surgeon can wash the blood out. The hope was that the blood would resolve itself, but three weeks out of surgery, it has not done so. The doctor said with adults she would just allow it to go away on it's own, but with babies it can block too much of the development of their vision. Therefore she feels it is necessary to wash the blood out of her eye.

They will do the procedure tomorrow morning, early, around 7am. It's back to the OR, for lets see, the 8th time. 8 times in 4 months. We don't know any kind of time frame for how long they will keep her.

Maybe one day Lindy will grow up and win the lottery. She's had enough bad luck to last her a lifetime and yet it just keeps coming. Somewhere in her life I hope she hits the good luck jackpot because she certainly deserves it.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Baby Update

Once again the week has flown by and I haven't posted anything! Sorry to those who check every day!

The babies have had a relatively quiet week. Will continues to grow like a weed. He had an ophthalmologist appointment today and his eyes are great. The right eye is completely healed and the left eye has a tiny spot, about 2 millimeters wide, that hasn't finished healing. He is done with his follow up visits for his eyes. Yeah! He also had a follow up surgery visit this afternoon and they said everything looked good. They weighed him and he weighed in at a whopping 7 pounds 10 ounces! The nurses asked, "What have you been feeding him?" I guess I'll spill the beans that I add Snickers bars and fatback to his bottle every night. ha ha!

Lindy Jane is growing like a weed too. She is 5 pounds and 8 ounces (Milky Ways and fried chicken for her)!!!! When comparing her to Will she seems small, but she really is growing well. Her big news is that she is going for a little road trip tomorrow. She is going to Duke tomorrow for a follow up visit with the eye surgeon and there is a good possibility that she might be readmitted to their NICU. We are really keeping our fingers crossed that the doctor looks and says that her eyes are doing great and sends her back. But Lindy has never been one for luck, so we'll see what they tell us. We are hoping to see that the post-operative blood in the right eye is resolving itself and that the retina in the left eye is not detaching. It's a big appointment for her! Think of her tomorrow (Thursday) around noon!

Lindy has tried learning to eat this week but she has had some problems so far. She has two of the three requirements down pat (sucking and breathing). Now she just has to learn to swallow. Well, she does swallow, she just sometimes forgets to breathe! Oops! Will started off the same way and he learned with time so we hope Lindy is the same way.

Keep Lindy in your thoughts tomorrow! We sure do hope she comes back to Baptist.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We spent the day with Drew's mom, sister, and brother. Drew and I left Will (for the first time since he has been home) with his family and we went to see Lindy together.

Enjoy a few pictures of our little turkeys.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Breaking News!!

Lindy is on her way back to Baptist Hospital in Winston! She might already be there. We are finally getting her back "home!" It will so much better than having our family split in half. Now we can both be home at night with Will and we can split our days visiting Lindy. Perfect timing that she got to come back in time for Thanksgiving.

The eye doctor checked her eyes Monday morning and said that her left eye is moving in the right direction. There was an area about 5-6 clock hours wide that was elevated. We have been waiting to see if it would start to detach like the right one did. When Dr. Toth checked her yesterday she said the area is only 3 clock hours wide now. So it is getting better! She said Lindy was not critical anymore and that she felt comfortable with moving her back to Baptist. We were very excited to hear the news that her eye looks better and that she gets to come back!

A slight wrinkle in the plan is that Dr. Toth still wants to see Lindy next week for an appointment. So it looks like she might have to go for a little ride next week. Assuming she checks her and the left eye continues to get better than she should turn around and come right back. If the left eye has gotten worse then I guess she would move back into Duke. We'll deal with all that next week though! For now she gets to spend a week back at Baptist!

I was able to go to Duke and spend the weekend with her. It was really nice to have some good quality time together. She has become a smiley little girl! Of course I can't capture any smiles on the camera though! I got to hold her all weekend which was great.

Mr. Will is doing awesome at home. He had another weight check today at the doctor's office and the boy has hit 7 pounds!!!!! He weighed in at 7 lbs 1.6 oz today! He's an eating machine. He can now suck down 3-4 ounces in 8-10 minutes. We have to continually pull the bottle out to slow him down. He is a pleasure to have around. He's so sweet!

Here are some recent pictures of the babies! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lindy Stays Put

The eye surgeon checked Lindy's eyes yesterday afternoon and said that she wants to keep Lindy at least through the weekend to monitor her left eye. It is right on the fence, and could go either way; possibly needing surgery and possibly not needing surgery. I think it will probably take it's own sweet time deciding, just so that she has to stay at Duke longer!! They will check her again on either Sunday or Monday and see if there is any difference.

On the bright side, they said her right eye looks good. The retina has reattached itself which is excellent.

Drew came to visit me and Will last night. It was nice to see him. Being apart really stinks. Especially with two babies that we aren't getting to see much of. I have a new appreciation for single mothers. I've been by myself this week and it isn't easy. Luckily I have the most laid back and best baby boy in the world and he is easy to take care of. That leaves me time to wash bottles and do laundry. Thank goodness. If he required constant attention and someone holding him then I'd be in trouble!

So that is the update. Lindy is still at Duke and will be there through the weekend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One at Home, One at Duke

Will has been home one week today! It's very hard to believe. So far he is a great baby and has been pretty easy to take care of. We only hope it continues to stay that way!

Last week ended up pretty quiet. Drew came back from Duke on Friday night to see Will. My parents and I went to Duke on Saturday to see Miss Lindy. "LJ" as my dad has taken to calling her was doing well. We held her all afternoon and it was nice to spend some good quality time with her. I hated leaving her. Drew's mom went and spent Sunday with her so Drew could have another day with Will. Sunday Lindy had a pretty bad episode of dropping her heart rate and sats. Apparently it was one of her worst episodes. They ended up putting her back on the nasal cannula and they started a septic workup. She had also had a little bit of residuals left in her belly from a feeding on Saturday. Those two events made the doctors question a possible infection. They did the usual blood and urine cultures and tried to obtain spinal fluid from a lumbar puncture but they were unsuccessful. Scary words like meningitis were being thrown around. So far nothing has grown out of her cultures. We hope it stays that way!

Another thing Lindy has going on is a little bit of twitching. Drew and I noticed it the day after she got to Duke and they told us it was probably withdrawal from the pain meds she was on at Baptist. Drew didn't see it the rest of the week. Apparently she started it back up on Sunday and the doctors wondered if she was having small seizures. More scary words being thrown around. Yesterday was full of tests for Lindy. She had an EEG to check her brain functions and she also had a CT Scan to check on the shunt. So far everything has come back fine. They are going to do longer EEG overnight though, just to check again. I sure hope nothing comes of all of this.

Some good news in Lindy's life is that for two weeks in a row, she has tested negative for MRSA! You have to have three negative tests (done weekly) to be considered MRSA free. We will definitely be looking for another negative next week! It would be great to rid ourselves of that label!

The pediatric ophthalmologist checked Lindy's left eye today and we are cautiously optimistic that she will not need surgery on it tomorrow. He said it looks about the same as it looked last Monday which is a good sign that it has not gotten worse. He said it could still get worse but that it is just something that needs to be checked on. The surgeon will look at her eyes tomorrow and hopefully say the same thing. Hopefully we'll get her back to Baptist soon!

That covers all of Lindy's news. Will is doing so well at home. He had a pediatrician appointment today and he weighs 6 lbs and 11.6 ounces! He is gaining a lot of weight! We have permission to feed him every 4 hours during the night instead of every three. Maybe we can get a little more sleep! He has been such a pleasure to have at home. We are really getting some good bonding time lately with Drew being at Duke.

Enjoy some pictures from the past week.

Will's first real bath! He had only gotten spong baths at the hospital and was sitting in the sling mesh part the first time we gave him a bath at home. This was the second bath we gave him and had him sitting down in some water. He liked that much better. Man it put him to sleep though, he would hardly wake up for his bottle!
Miss Lindy on room air! Pretty cool huh?Jack checking out the new addition to the household.
Sweet Lindy

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Long Time, No Post

I know, I know, I haven't written in forever and I know I have left everyone wondering what is going on. The weekend and this week have been a bit busy. Keep reading to find out why!

I hadn't had a chance to post pictures lately so here are some. I'll be updating with pictures in chronological order, so the good stuff is at the end of this post! Anyway, here are pictures of the babies on Halloween. No candy this year. Sorry Will and Lindy!

Lindy wore her first bow in her hair on Halloween! Well really she wore it on her forehead with the help of a little adhesive. The nurses were responsible for that one, not me!

Random cute pictures of the babies!

So news regarding Lindy and her transfer to Duke. She did indeed make the trip to Duke on Sunday morning. She left around 10am. Here is a picture of her in the transport isolette.
This is Lindy's new bed at Duke. They checked her in and Dr. Toth, the eye surgeon, came to check her eyes out at 2pm that day. She looked and she agreed that her right eye was having some retina detachment and definitely needed surgery. She said the left eye was questionable. There is a spot that is concerning but did not need surgery yet. Instead she wanted the pediatric ophthalmologist to scrub in for surgery to see if the left eye could have any more laser treatment done to it. Surgery was scheduled for 1:30pm on Monday.
Here is Lindy being wheeled through Duke hospital over to the Eye Center where she had her surgery on Monday.
Little Miss Lindy soon after her eye surgery. They ended up doing more laser treatment on her left eye, in hopes that she will not have to have more surgery on it. They did the planned surgery on her right eye. It is a pretty interesting surgery. They sucked out the vitreous jelly from her eye and put a gas bubble back in her eye. The gas bubble slowly works its way out of the body and the area fills back in with her own saline. And somehow this helps the retina lay back down! Don't you dig her cute little pink eye patch!!
This is on Tuesday, without her eye patch. Her eyes looked really good. They were hardly puffy and just a little bit red. There is some tape residue all over her forehead in case you were wondering what that was!

So we had little Miss Lindy set and through surgery. We spent Sunday and Monday nights in Durham and went by to see her on Tuesday morning. We left around 11am and we drove straight to Baptist Hospital to pick up Will and bring him HOME!!!! We got there around 1pm and we had some last minute discharge things to do before we could leave. We walked out the door with Will at 2:30pm.

Here is Will in his going home outfit in his new car seat!
Here is Drew, holding the car seat. We were at the elevators, ready to get on. Will was all bundled up and ready to head out! It was so odd to have him out of the NICU. It was odd that he wasn't attached to any wires!!
And here is Will all set to go in the car. The first time we have had a baby in our car!!! Pretty crazy! I had to ride in the back seat with him on the way home, just to make sure he was okay. He slept the entire ride home. He did not appreciate the sun shining in his eyes. Mommy was his own personal sun shade on the trip home.
As soon as we got home it was time to eat. Here I am giving Will his first bottle at home.
One last picture from the first day at home. He's so sweet!
So the updates since we've been home. The first night was interesting! All he did was sleep at the hospital so we just knew he'd do the same at home. Instead he was quite awake for most of the afternoon. We had him in a bassinet in our bedroom for the first night. I'm not sure how much anyone slept that night. As most people know, babies make a lot of noise! Will is a pacifier boy and he fusses a bit when he looses his paci. Plus we got up to feed him 3 times the first night, and we were just plain nervous and excited! We had to make sure he was still breathing. For three months we have relied on monitors to tell us whether he was breathing. I'm happy to report, he's still breathing!!!
Wednesday morning we started the day off with Will's first home bath. He didn't seem to enjoy the first experience. What he did do was poop during his bath! He was on a little mesh thing and he pooped all over it! Then he had his first pediatrician appointment. We went to meet the pediatrician and get him established. We had wanted to meet her this summer but we all know how the summer went down. She came highly recommended from a friend and we were really impressed with her. After the doctors appointment, Drew left and headed back to Duke to be with Lindy. Will and I hung out together all afternoon and then my parents arrived in the early evening. They got to hold Will for the first time ever! They will be here through the weekend to help me out.
Lindy was still on the ventilator when she went to Duke, but not anymore! They extubated her yesterday and put her on nasal cannula. She did so well that today they took that off and she was/still is on ROOM AIR! The first time ever for Miss Lindy! We've talked to the nurse around 10pm tonight and she is still doing well. They have also started her feedings back up. I hope she can tolerate them okay! Breathing and eating are two of her last obstacles!
Drew is hanging out in Durham tomorrow and coming home in the evening. My parents and I are going to Duke on Saturday to see Lindy. It's been hard for me to not see her and Drew to not see Will. The situation is not ideal but we are doing what we have to. They will check Lindy's eyes again on Tuesday and will decide if she needs the surgery on her left eye. If she does she will have it done on Wednesday. If not, hopefully she'll get transferred back to Baptist.
So there is finally the update. It might be the longest post in blogging history! It has only taken me all day to get this written! Right now things are calm and quiet. If we can get Miss Lindy back to Baptist and then home, all will be well!